Thinking about the what to do on orcas island? You can choose from a variety of Orcas Island hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and private accommodations when looking for somewhere to stay. Selected (in no specific order) for comfort, views, and location is the following list. It's actually difficult to make a mistake once you're on the island, though. No matter where you stay, this location is a gem that will delight you.

10 Highlighted Accommodation Choices on Orcas Island

What To Do On Orcas Island


The Orcas Island Outlook Inn

Nestled on the breathtaking shores of orcas island, The Outlook Inn is a quaint and picturesque haven. This historic inn, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, provides guests looking for a peaceful getaway with a serene and ideal escape. It highlights the distinct charm of the island with its refined atmosphere and contemporary comfort touches (particularly found in the Water's Edge experience). Apart from its immaculate gardens and expansive views, the Inn is also the location of New Leaf Cafe. This charming eatery is regarded as one of the greatest spots to eat on Orcas because of its emphasis on using ingredients that are obtained locally.

Eastsound's Village Inn

Located next to Main Street in the downtown area of what to do on orcas island, the Village Inn at Eastsound is a subdued and quiet lodging option. With easy access to the beach and waterfront views, Labyrinth Path is a boutique public park directly across the street. The third-floor suite of rooms and common areas is the newest lodging option on the island, and it was thoughtfully designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The Village Inn is so comfortable you'll want to stay, and it's conveniently located so exploring is anything but a chore. Amenities include electric fireplaces, luxurious resort-style beds, and a self-serve breakfast area with breakfast staples and sparkling water available for free.

Mikaela Judd Zodiac at the Marina at Rosario Resort

Constructed between 1906 and 1909, Rosario Resort boasts an exquisite blend of classic style and unspoiled splendor. Boaters love the protected marina it offers, which is tucked away at the edge of Cascade Bay. Known as one of the fancier dinner destinations on the island, its fine dining restaurant is surrounded by lush forests and picturesque views of the water. The Moran Mansion Museum honors the mansion's builder by showcasing the life and legacy of Robert Moran, a former mayor of Seattle and shipbuilder.

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Resort at Doe Bay

These are rustic lodgings. (Don't expect ultra-modern finishes or attentive staff when you arrive.) Not at Doe Bay Resort, that is. A slice of rustic paradise, it features comfortable cabins and grounded yurts. Though it's only about a 20-minute drive from Eastsound, this southeast-facing island feels somewhat isolated.

Here, visitors can enjoy quiet hiking paths and exclusive beach access. On-site options include renting kayaks and dining at a cafe specializing in garden-to-table meals that come straight from the resort's garden. The relaxing saunas and hot tubs here are the true gems. Only guests may use the clothing-optional spa in a communal or private setting.

Resort West Beach

West Beach Resort is situated on the water's edge on Orcas Island, as its name would imply. The accommodations available here consist of quaint cabins by the beach. Unusually for the San Juans, there are also tent and RV campsites available a short stroll from the waterfront. (This is the only RV park on Where To Stay On Orcas Island. In most places, there are 30 amp power and water hookups included.)

Hiking, fishing, and kayaking are just a few of the many outdoor activities that the ideal location offers its visitors. On this side of the island, the sunsets are especially lovely and easily seen from the rocky shore.

Hotel Orcas

Situated on Orcas Island's southwest side, the Orcas Hotel has been providing lodging to visitors since 1904. It is located just one block away from the Orcas Island Ferry Terminal. In addition to its charming restaurant and cafe, it has historic rooms designed in the Victorian style. Here, the emphasis on dining is on locally sourced and seasonal foods.

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North Beach Inn on Orcas

North Beach Inn is located on the northern side of what to do on orcas island, just eight minutes from downtown Eastsound and less than six minutes from the Orcas Island Airport. The lodgings are made up of a number of beachside rustic cottages and a few slightly further inland cottages, all of which have breathtaking views and quick access to the rocky shore. Equipped with a fully functional kitchen, each cottage is one of the greatest spots on the island to witness the sunset and sunrise. This makes it effortless to prepare and savour your own picturesque meals.

Farm Pebble Cove

Pebble Cove Farm is a charming haven that provides guests with a distinctly rustic escape. Here, verdant fields give way to tall trees. Hidden in a quiet cove is a private beach. There are plenty of farm animals and vibrant orchards all over the place. (An animal sanctuary is also located at Pebble Cove Farm.) This vegan farm is deeply committed to sustainability and, whenever possible, uses fair trade and organic products.

Ship Bay Inn

The Inn at Ship Bay is nestled next to Ship Bay, yes, exactly outside of Eastsound. It provides views of Madrona Point, the island's center, and Cresent Beach, one of Orcas Island's longest public waterfront access areas. The lodging options are modestly opulent here. The gorgeous restaurant and the verdant surroundings, which include a bountiful garden, are what really draw attention. Just be careful—they book up quickly—and make your dinner reservations in advance.

The Beach House

Beach Haven is a rustic lodging destination on the western side of Orcas Island. Its main lodge building offers a selection of cabins and apartment-style rentals. There are plenty of views here because visitors can rent boats from Beach Haven and have access to the resort's private beach. There's also a little playground with a ping-pong table.


Q1. Will you be residing on Orca Island?

Ans. After a tiring day of hiking, swimming, or exploring, you can find a place to retreat to one of the many hotels and other lodging options available. You can find the perfect lodging on how to get to orcas island, whether your preference is for cozy rooms at an inn, elegant, spacious suites, or private cabins in a sheltered resort.

Q2. Which season is ideal for traveling to Orcas Island?

Ans. Whales are native to the Salish Sea, but the best time to see orcas in the San Juan Islands is between May and October.

Q3. How is Orcas Island accessible?

Ans. The most well-liked mode of transportation is Washington State Ferries, though flying Kenmore Air and landing at one of the many marinas or the Orcas Island Airport is the fastest way to get here. An hour and a half north of Seattle is Anacortes, where the ferry to Orcas Island leaves from.

Q4. What gives it the name Orcas Island?

Ans. A Spanish explorer named Orcas Island in honor of Viceroy Juan Vicente Guemes de Padilla Horcasitas y Aguayo, who funded the expedition. It's just a coincidence that orcas use it as habitat! Four famous lighthouses on public land, three of which are accessible to the public in the summer.