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The 10 Best Places to Stay on Orcas Island: Where To Stay On Orcas Island

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Curious to know about Where To Stay On Orcas Island, Through extensive research and personal experience, I have compiled a list of the best ten resorts and hotels on the island. This list includes adorable family-run bed and breakfasts, charming cabins, and breathtaking vacation rentals, with something for every taste. Imagining waking up to the sounds of nature or relaxing in a hot tub while soaking in the breathtaking views.

The 10 Best Places to Stay on Orcas Island

● Exclusive Beach House (Eastsound, WA)

● Amazing Home with Water Views (Eastsound, WA)

● Doe Bay Getaway (Doe Bay, WA)

● Outlook Inn (Eastsound, WA)

● Gorgeous Waterfront Estate (Orcas, WA)

● Otter's Pond Bed & Breakfast (Eastsound, WA)

● West Beach Resort (Eastsound, WA)

● Budget-Friendly Secluded Orcas Island Cabin (Orcas, WA)

● Craftsman-Style Home (Eastsound, WA)

● Gorgeous Waterfront Estate (Orcas, WA)

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What is the best town to stay in on Orcas Island?

Where To Stay On Orcas Island: 10 Luxurious Places To Stay All-Time


What you're looking for will determine where to stay on Orcas Island. The island's principal regions are:

● The island's major town, Eastsound, is situated in the middle of the area. If you want to be close to restaurants and shops, as well as in the middle of everything, this is an excellent area to stay.

● At the island's southeastmost point is the little harbor town of Olga. For those looking for more quiet and private accommodation, this place is perfect.

● Doe Bay is a small community near numerous outdoor recreation opportunities, including Moran State Park and a few opulent spas, in the southeast of the island.

● Southwest of the island is where Deer Harbor is situated. This region offers a wide variety of holiday rentals.

Reasons to Make Orcas Island Your Next Vacation Destination

Orcas Island is a surreal location that is only a short ferry journey from the rest of the globe.

How to get there

The ferry system is the preferred choice. Drive north for roughly 90 minutes from Seattle to reach Anacortes, a little settlement. From here, you'll drive your car onto the boat, which is a perk because you'll need it to get to your destination. The Orcas Island vacation starts with the journey, rather than the destination, and features air-conditioned indoor seats, large open-air decks, and ocean vistas. By scheduling a sunset ferry, you can turn your travel day into a gorgeous excursion. All you need are a blanket and some snacks to enjoy while you watch the sunset. The ideal way to start or end your excursion is to look up at the starry sky above Puget Sound.

Round-trip costs during the busiest seasons average $15 per person and $75 for a car with a driver. Tickets can be bought at the terminal or online, but if you're driving, it's a good idea to book a spot in advance, particularly during the summer. Due to the fact that eastbound inter-island rides are free, the boats are also excellent for island hopping.

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Accommodations on Orcas Island

Stay at Moran State Park if you want to camp and you're visiting in the summer when it's dry and generally warm. It was fantastic that we camped right next to Cascade Lake. The drawback is that finding a location during the warmer months is extremely difficult. The day they are released (six months in advance) is when you need to do it. Check back frequently because a lot of people wind up cancelling if you can't get one.

When to Visit Orcas Island

The ideal time to visit Orcas Island is undoubtedly during the summer. There is a delightful island breeze and it is warm but not oppressively so. In addition to being the busiest season of the year, summer presents a challenge. It's peak season in July and August. Furthermore, the ideal time to see whales, particularly orcas, is during the summer, so you should consider whale watching or sea kayaking.

The late Spring (from Memorial Day through June) and early Fall (from after Labor Day through October) shoulder seasons are ideal for travel. There won't be as many visitors on the island, and the weather will be pleasant but more variable. Pack a raincoat and some water-resistant footwear, but you never know—you might have a bluebird weekend.

The low season, from November to April, sees the island relatively calm. Winter isn't necessarily a bad time to travel, either, as Orcas doesn't get nearly as much snow as other sections of Washington do (except Mount Constitution).

The fact that Orcas is placed between the Olympics and Vancouver Island means that the rainshadow effect shields it from some of the gloomy, rainy days that Western Washington endures during those months. On Orcas Island, you have a better chance of it not raining than you have on the mainland, where "50 degrees and a 50% chance of rain" is essentially the forecast from November through April.

Orcas Island would also be a nice winter weekend trip from Seattle where you could hire a room or cabin with a fireplace, go on a drizzly morning hike, and then return to cuddle up by the fire with a good book.

Frequently Asked Question

How to find your way around Orcas Island?

Yes, you can easily find the orcas island by vising the official site.

Where should I go on Orcas Island?

Salmon Bank

What restaurants and bars are there on Orcas Island?

The Barnacle.
Buck Bay Shellfish Farm.

What should I know before visiting Orcas Island?

Ferry Ride.

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