Scotland road trip itinerary 5 days the big herdsman of the Buachaille Etive Mor, with its characteristic pyramid form and sweeping slopes, was the first mountain I saw as we entered Glen Coe from the desolate Rannoch Moor and drove past the Glencoe Mountain Resort.

Enthralled with the developing landscape, I parked my car on a little bay lay and ventured out to investigate, walking over a hill and away from the heavily trafficked A82, into a moorland plateau dotted with lochs and bogs.

Looking out towards the boundless horizon to the east and the enticing mountains to the northwest, I felt a comforting feeling of calm and harmony.

I directed my attention to the River Etive, which twisted and crashed past many waterfalls, changing its width and shape and offering visual delight at every turn.

Starting You Off With A Scotland Road Trip Itinerary 5 Days

Feel free to modify this driving tour of Scotland to suit your interests and time constraints, but it will provide you a good starting point for your journey.

With the majority of your time spent touring the well-known Highlands and craggy coasts, it concentrates on taking you around a massive circle that showcases Scotland at its best.

To get the most out of this schedule, I suggest flying into Edinburgh or Glasgow the night before and picking up your rental vehicle that evening or early on the first day of the trip.

As you can see, I've scheduled this road trip's beginning and conclusion in Edinburgh, but you are welcome to start and finish in Glasgow if that is more convenient for you.

Whichever location you start in, the first and end days of this schedule won't alter significantly because it just takes around an hour to drive between the two places.

Day 1: Balloch, Loch Lomond to Glasgow

Scotland road trip itinerary 5 days

Make sure to allot some time for exploring Glasgow if that's where your journey begins. Glasgow is a great place to start a journey since it offers a wealth of things to see and do, as well as an opportunity to experience Scottish culture firsthand.

After that, drive for about an hour north on the A82 to arrive at Loch Lomond, Scotland's biggest loch and a natural beauty icon.

The Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Centre, which is situated near Balloch, has a ton of general informational pamphlets.

Because the lake is a component of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, which also includes 22 lochs, 2 forest parks, 21 Munros, and more than 50 unique nature conservation areas, you might easily spend your whole vacation here.

Among The Top Activities Around The Lake Are:

  • If you're an avid cyclist, you may ride the West Loch Lomond cycling route to learn more about Loch Lomond by hiring a bike or bringing your own.

  • Experience the stunning views of the loch by enjoying a leisurely boat ride.

  • Take in the scenery and visit Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.

  • See the family-run wildlife refuge for a distinctive wildlife experience. The Bird of Prey Centre in Loch Lomond

  • 27 miles in total

  • The drive took 42 minutes.

Accommodation for the night: Balloch House by Innkeeper's Collection

Day 2: Glencoe to Balloch, Loch Lomond

You're going to see some of Scotland's most stunning countryside today!

Traveling the whole length of Loch Lomond, you will see its transformation from a large body of water up to five miles wide to a slender finger that resembles a fjord at its most northerly point.

You will pass through Rannoch Moor, one of Scotland's largest deserted wildernesses, while driving north. This huge swath of untainted, rocky landscape is around 150 square miles in size.

Among The Top Activities In Glencoe

  • Enjoy a breathtaking drive down the Glen Etive, which passes through some of Scotland's most picturesque regions and is the location of the James Bond movie Sky fall.

  • Climb to the summit of Buchaille Etive Mor, one of Scotland's most well-liked routes. The vistas are breath-taking from the peak.

  • Discover the rich history and culture of the region by visiting the Glencoe Folk Museum.

  • Seventy miles in total

  • Drive Time: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Stay the Night at Kings house Hotel

Day 3: Stirling to Glencoe

Scotland road trip itinerary 5 days

You may need to make several stops along the way to take in the stunning landscape and castles along the way from Glencoe to Stirling, which is located in the southern Highlands. The journey offers some excellent vistas over the far-off highlands.

Although it would be simple to drive right by Stirling and have a glimpse of Stirling Castle on the way, I would strongly advise making a little stop in the ancient city.

Among The Top Activities In Stirling Are:

  • A historical structure honouring the life of Sir William Wallace is called the Wallace Monument.

  • Stirling Old Town Jail is an intriguing tourist destination that chronicles the stories of several iconic figures from the city's past while preserving historical details.

  • Visit Stirling Castle, the former seat of the influential Stewart Monarchy in Scotland.

  • Total Length: 82 miles

  • Duration of Travel: Two Hours

Staying the night at Inglewood House & Spa

Day 4: Edinburgh to Stirling

Day 4 of your Scotland itinerary has a lot to do, so start the day with a hearty breakfast!

Drive to Edinburgh in the morning after checking out of your lodging, making a detour along the route to see the spectacular Kelpies, or 100-foot-tall steel horses, that proudly stand next to the Forth and Clyde Canal.

You won't miss the Kelpies if you don't stop because you can see them from the main road, but exploring them on foot is really stunning. Warm meals and beverages are available in the on-site gift shop and gorgeous cafe.

Park Your Car When You Get To Edinburgh And Start Exploring The Area.

  • Numerous independent booksellers, historical sites, and free activities may be found around this quaint city. Make sure to see Holy rood Palace, the Royal Mile, and Edinburgh Castle. You may also embark on an underground tour or take a stroll around its neighbourhoods.

  • 37 miles in total

  • Duration of Drive: One Hour

Staying the night at Edinburgh's Hawes Inn in South Queensberry

Day 5: Glasgow to South Queensberry

Explore the charming town on the edge of the Firth of Forth in the morning on the last day of your five-day trip plan in Scotland. Despite being a small, quiet community, it has a rich history, a distinctive heritage, and three famous bridges.

High Street, Hawes Pier, and one of the hills farther inland are good places to see the bridge.

The opulence of some of the town's architectural designs bears witness to South Queensferry's former prosperity.

South Queensferry's artisans, ship owners, and businesspeople took use of their location to sell coal, wool, and wine to other parts of the nation.

Among The Top Activities In South Queensferry Are:

  • Experience the rich history of South Queensferry by visiting the museum on High Street. It's a wonderful tiny museum with excellent information about the building of the bridges, and it's free.

  • Take the Forth Bridges walk; you should study a little bit about the bridges while you're here, as admiring them is one of the nicest things to do in South Queensferry.

  • Set out on one of the 1.5-hour-long Forth boat cruises, which depart from South Queensferry's Hawes Pier. It passes beneath the Forth Rail Bridge and around Haystack Rock, oil supertankers, Inchcolm Island, and Inchgarvie Island.

  • 47 miles in total

  • Drive Time: 1 Hour, 5 Minutes

Traveling by Car in Scotland

Scotland road trip itinerary 5 days

The goal of this five-day road trip through Scotland has been to rent a vehicle.

Nothing compares to the independence of owning a car, even if some tour companies provide fantastic trips. It's the finest way to visit Scotland, in my opinion, because you can go at your own speed, stop whenever you want, and choose whatever route and breaks work best for you.

Its hidden escarpments come to light when you explore them by driving, and a wrong turn will gleamingly lead you to an unexpectedly stunning hamlet or village.

Hiring a vehicle and going on a driving tour is an interesting way to visit Scotland if you are an experienced traveller who is used to traveling by rail or bus. In addition, there is no public transportation in the highlands, so I wouldn't advise Scotland road trip itinerary 5 days only around it.

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Here are some helpful hints to make the most out of your road trip in Scotland

  • Since Scotland is a member of the United Kingdom, left-hand driving is the norm there.

  • When selecting a gas pump at the station, be sure to pay close attention to the type of gasoline your vehicle requires. If you are operating a rental car, the kind of fuel required should be indicated on the fuel cap.

  • Recognize speed limits, traffic signs, and basic driving guidelines. In Scotland, be familiar with driving on single-track roads.

  • Be cautious when driving, particularly in more rural regions where sheep aren't usually penned in.

  • Poor weather may damage many of Scotland's roads, so before you drive, always check the forecast.

Practical Advice For A Scotland Road Trip Itinerary 5 Days

As you organize your driving trip of Scotland, a stunning country you will undoubtedly fall in love with, you should have a ton of ideas for how to fill your itinerary!

These Are Just A Few Suggestions For An Amazing Journey.

  • Scotland's midges are at their deadliest from May to September. Plan your road journey across Scotland between late September and May, when temperatures are significantly lower, to escape the midges.

  • I suggest purchasing a Scotland Explorer Pass if you intend to visit castles and other historical sites. If you want to visit more than two castles, the pass already saves you money and offers you discounts in a lot of locations.

  • Verify whether any festivals, art shows, or other events are scheduled for the dates you have chosen. This will assist you in determining whether costs may increase or whether lodging options will be limited.

  • Rainfall is consistent throughout the year in Scotland. Nonetheless, winter and fall are the wettest seasons of the year.