I'm frequently asked for advice on the best way to travel in Rome. We can all agree that exploring Rome on foot is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most popular ways to move around for quick trips spent in the city centre.

Nonetheless, there is a lengthy response to this frequently asked question. Due to its size, Rome offers several different ways to move around, depending on your destination and place of stay.

Rome is easily navigable by a variety of means. I'll walk you through how to get around Rome in this helpful post, including which mode of transportation to take depending on your needs and if you're staying in the city centre.

Are you prepared? Continue reading to organize the most seamless trip to Rome!

Best Way To Travel In Rome: A Comprehensive Overview Of The City

On foot

If you have reserved a lodging in the city centre and want to spend the majority of your vacation there, this is my personal favourite and unquestionably one of the greatest methods to move around Rome. The main core of Rome is quite walkable. Rome's centre districts are similar to visiting a museum, however free of charge, while being quite extensive and divided into various zones.

It's true that it's a long walk from the Vatican to the Capitoline Museums, but with careful planning and daily schedules, you may spend most of your vacation on foot. In reality, there is a lot to see and do in the city centre, so if this is your first time visiting Rome and you are only there for a day, I would recommend spending it there.

The best thing to do if you are here longer is to plan daily itineraries, which will allow you to explore smaller areas each day and allow you to stroll between attractions. If you are staying outside of the city centre, you can use public transportation in the morning and stroll for the remainder of the day.

Via Bus

Best Way To Travel In Rome

Rome's bus fleet is primarily owned and operated by ATAC and TPL. Rome's municipal bus operator, ATAC, operates the majority of the city's buses, particularly in the downtown area. When there isn't a train or metro where you're going, taking the bus is convenient because it normally takes longer.

In actuality, buses are more likely to become stuck when traveling on regular highways as opposed to metro and trains.
In case you choose to utilize Rome's public transportation system, you can buy individual tickets that have a duration of 100 minutes, a full day, a week, or even a month. You can take one rail ride, one metro ride, and as many bus trips as you want with a single ticket, which costs €1.50.

Through Metro

One of the greatest and quickest methods to go around Rome is via the metro. Sadly, it only covers a rather small portion of the network. There are two lines, A and B, and during the last few years, more stations have been progressively opened along with the opening of the third line, C.

Although the metro network is greatly expanded by this, given the size of Rome, it is still very small. To put it mildly, Rome's metro system is far from Shanghai's or London's.

This is the best way to travel in Rome if you're pressed for time and want to avoid the traffic, provided that your route has metro stations. I advise avoiding rush hour in the morning and afternoon unless you have definite obligations, as the trains become extremely crowded and uncomfortable during these times.

Via Tram

Another excellent method to move around Rome is via tram. Similar to riding the bus, trams operate at street level; however, they typically have designated stops and platforms. In addition to having lanes, which occasionally allow cars to cross, trams also go more quickly than buses since they never stop to let anyone pass.

The tram is usually my preferred mode of transportation in Rome, second only to the train and matron, as it has less traffic jams than buses. Tram lines 8 and 19, which connect the Vatican and Prati districts to the neighbourhoods around Villa Borghese, Nomentano, and Esquilino, are two of the trams that travel through the city centre, crossing Trastevere and Largo Argentina.

Via Train

Best Way To Travel In Rome

Another one of my favourite modes of transportation and a great way to explore train travel in rome. Perhaps because I practically live next to a rail station, which is where I live. My neighbourhood’s railroad line links us to metro lines A and B as well as a number of other significant train stations, including Tiburtina, Ostiense, Trastevere, and San Pietro.

Rome's urban train system is excellent since it's very extensive and links the city to the suburbs. Despite living next to an A90 highway exit, I can get to San Pietro station by train in 20 minutes, Termini station in 30 minutes, and Trastevere station in just one train change.

Via Cab

You can hail a taxi if you need to go across Rome in an area that is not well served by public transportation, far from the city centre, at night, or both. In Rome, taxis can be found almost anywhere; they can be found circulating the city or congregating at designated stations.

You can wave to hail a cab when you see one, just be careful it's not already taken. If the top light is on, the vehicle is either on a call already or has occupants inside.

Additionally, you may schedule an appointment and specify the time and location even the day before by calling a taxi in Rome at the local number 063570.

By Operating A Vehicle

I hardly ever advise driving in Rome due to the insane traffic, difficulty parking, and ZTL that prevents you from entering the city centre, which makes it challenging to make hotel reservations here.

But if you have leased a car and Rome is just a stop on your longer vacation through Italy, there are a few things you should be aware of. It first depends on how long you plan to stay in Rome. You can leave your car parked and take public transportation to explore best way to travel in Rome if you are only visiting for one or two days.

However, if you want to stay in Rome for four days or even a week, you should consider whether it would be more cost-effective to return the car and rent it when you head to your next stop in Italy.

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The FAQ About Best Way To Travel In Rome

Best Way To Travel In Rome

Which kind of transportation costs the least in Rome?

The train is the most affordable way to go about best way to travel in Rome because a single Trenitalia ticket costs just €1, as opposed to €1.50 for ATAC tickets. When using an ATAC single ticket, you pay €0.50 more but get unlimited bus and tram journeys in addition to one train ride. If you purchase a single ticket from Trenitalia, on the other hand, you are only purchasing a train ride.

Therefore, you must get an ATAC ticket if you know that after getting off the train you will need a bus or the metro; otherwise, you will pay more! In actuality, Trenitalia fares are not valid for use on buses or the metro.

In Rome, how do most people get around?

Romans are heavy drivers. You'll find that most Italians enjoy traveling anyplace by vehicle. In Rome, however, a lot of people also choose public transportation, particularly when traveling to central neighbourhoods where the ZTL is available or during rush hour when traffic may become extremely congested.

Residents from the surrounding towns and suburbs frequently drive to the closest train station, park their automobiles, and take public transportation to get around the city. This is a far more practical choice than driving everywhere, as traffic gets really heavy during the week.

Is Uber available in Rome?

Uber is available in Rome as well, although it's not the same low-cost lift service as in the United States. Actually, Uber is limited to using its upscale services—UberBlack, UberLux, and UberVan—in Italy. It is not permitted in Italy for private drivers to register and offer rides using the well-known UberPop service, which does not require a government-issued permit.