You ’ll no way run out of things to do in the Inland Empire. Lying on the eastern outskirts of Los Angeles, the Inland Empire is home to numerous family-friendly conditioning and events like hiking trails, lakes, and galleries, and lodestones.
As someone who was born and raised in the Inland Empire, or “IE” for short, I ’ve spent a lot of time exploring the eastern LA firmament.

The IE encompasses some of the stylish effects to do in California, and I ’ve done just about every fun exertion there's to do in the IE. To help you out with your adventures, I ’ve collected the absolute stylish bones into this list. And, if you need accommodation, be sure to check out my companion to where to stay in the Inland Empire.

What is the Inland Empire known for?

Nestled in the heart of Southern California lies a bustling region known as the Inland Empire, just a gravestone's gamble east of Los Angeles. Full of tree- lined thoroughfares and in numerous fascinating communities, this slice of the Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to numerous lucky resides and many more Things to do in the inland empire for couples. Whether it’s the bright lights of the big megacity or the tranquil desert geographies beyond, there is commodity for everyone in this vibrant and different locale.

If, consider exploring the fascinating Inland Empire for your ideal new residence, If SoCal is calling. Let’s take a perambulation through this peaceful area to give you a sense for its alluring atmosphere. You might just find your dream home then.

Top 12 Things to Do in The Inland Empire

Top 12 Things to Do in The Inland Empire


1. San Bernardino National Forest

Hiking in the San Bernardino National Forest is one of my favourite conditionings in Southern California. This thick collection of determinedness gemstone walls and timber pine receives far smaller crowds than the neighbouring Angeles National Forest, which makes for a quieter, more affable out-of-door experience. San Jacinto and San Gorgonio are the most popular hikes in the public timber.
San Gorgonio is the loftiest mountain peak in Southern California, standing at an emotional 11,503 bases. Both of these beautiful alpine hikes can be penetrated in the downtime but you ’ll need proper gear like micro spikes, hiking poles, an ice dismissal, and crampons, depending on the inflexibility of the conditions.

2. Idyllwild

Get to know a quirky mountain city, its hiking trails, and town boutiques. Idyllwild is one of the vintage little mountain municipalities in Southern California. put away down in the San Jacinto Mountains just outside of Banning, CA, Idyllwild is home to cozy cafes, hundreds of hiking trails, and a miscellaneous array of stinky town stores. You ’ll find tons of delightful effects to do in Idyllwild.

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3. Joshua Tree National Park

One of the most popular public premises in California, Joshua Tree National Park is a top contender for one of the stylish effects to do in the Inland Empire.

Technically in the high desert, this San Bernardino County public demesne houses one of the largest attentions of Joshua Trees in the world. There are a ton of effects to do in Joshua Tree, and it’s a natural playground for tampers and gemstone rovers likewise.

4. Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is one of the most family-friendly conditioning in the Inland Empire. This is the perfect escape destination from the big megacity that has commodity for everyone – whether that means sharing in a variety of recreational conditioning.
There are so many conditionings to do in Big Bear like pulling on the lake, the wildlife zoo, and skiing at Big Bear Ski Resort, which make this bone of the top destinations in the IE.

5. Fox Performing trades Centre

Visit this social Spanish- style performing trades centre for an amusing night on the city in the IE. The Fox Performing trades Centre is the main theatre venue in Riverside and is worth checking out coming time you ’re in city. Some current performances take in comedy, theatre, homage nights, and musicales. Take your family or musketeers to the Taylor Swift sing- along or to a live mariachi performance for a night to flash back.

6. Mission Inn

Stay at one of the oldest and most elegant hospices in the IE.
One of the most iconic hospices in Riverside, the Mission Inn is the perfect position for photoshoots in the Inland Empire. What began as small adobe boarding in 1876 has now converted into a flourishing, luxurious hostel in the heart of the Inland Empire.
From hosting U.S. chairpersons to movie film crews, the Mission Inn is a major Riverside corner that you do n’t want to miss. The most popular time to visit this point is during the Christmas leaves when the hostel is beautifully decorated in extravagant lights.

7. Palm Springs

See where notorious Hollywood celebrities live when they ’re incognito. Palm Springs is a low desert destination is home to extravagant homes, Hollywood movie stars, luxurious resorts, and exchange shopping.

The Living Desert Zoo is one of the coolest lodestones in Palm Springs. Witness native foliage and fauna in this thriving terrain in the San Jacinto Mountains and learn further about SoCal wildlife.

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8. Temecula Wine Tasting

Leave the kiddies at home to discover the rich reds and whites of Temecula Valley.

Enjoy the rich Flavors of the Inland Empire on a grown-up- only excursion. Temecula is two hours outside of Los Angeles in the rolling hills of the Santa Ana Mountains with swell of grape- bearing stations.

With 50 wineries to choose from, you ’re sure to find a Temecula winery that suits your taste kids. There are indeed Temecula winery tenures that take you winery hopping and show you the stylish of the stylish. Get planning with our attendants to effects to do in Temecula and where to stay in Temecula.

9. Lake Arrowhead

Putt around the lake on a boat reimbursement. Lake Arrowhead is one of the most luxurious mountain municipalities in Southern California. Just lower than 40 twinkles from San Bernardino, Lake Arrowhead offers solitariness down from the chaotic megacity life below.

Of course, if you ’re not into water sports and do not need a boat reimbursement, also I recommend renting a cute rental cabin around the lake. You ’ll need to make posterior passages to witness each unique bone.

10. Ontario Mills

Shop for killer abatements just outside of LA. Ontario Mills is one of the most popular promenades in Southern California. You can find everything you need at this outlet boardwalk, all within budget. There are also two movie theatres and a kiddo play zone at Ontario Mills, making it a top rest purlieu spot.
The food court and girding caffs are further than abundant at Ontario Mills as well. This is the perfect lunch match- up spot in the Inland Empire.

11. Riverside Art Museum

Get inspired by some original IE artists. Located in Riverside’s major Mission Inn District, the Riverside Art Museum is the stylish place in the Inland Empire to view original Southern California artists.
This gallery primarily focuses on social issues, which sets it piecemeal from other IE galleries. Current shows include Tracing Acculturations, Life Logistics, and The Other Side of Memory. The Riverside Art Museum also offers art classes for both children and grown-ups.

12. Redlands Farmers Market

Buy fresh yield, a vegan cate, or a manual tamale at this original request. A chuck cell at the Redlands Market
There are a many planter’s requests throughout city during the week but my five is the Saturday request on Sixth Street.

From fresh yield to vegan afters, tamales, and stir- shindig coliseums, the Redlands request has everything you need to satisfy an empty stomach. There are also original cafes and breakfast spots lining the request, making this area the perfect late- morning exertion in the Inland Empire.


What's there to do on a Sunday in the Inland Empire?

growers requests are the stylish exertion to do with the whole family on a Sunday in the Inland Empire. Hiking in the San Bernardino Mountains or to San Juan Creek are other popular conditioning.

What's the Inland Empire known for?

The IE is known for its numerous hiking trails, outlet promenades, wine tasting, and galleries like the Mission Inn Museum and the California Citrus State Historic Park Museum.

What places are in the Inland Empire?

Temecula, Riverside, Redlands, the San Bernardino National Forest, Rancho Cucamonga, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Idyllwild, and Joshua Tree National Park are each in the Inland Empire.