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12 Best Travel Backpack for Europe: What to Know?

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There are further best travel backpack for Europe trip packs on the request than ever ahead which is great because bag manufacturers are eventually harkening to trippers who want comfortable, functional, and swish packs that are created specifically for point- to- point civic trip. So, to help you choose, I ’ve tête-à-tête tested dozens of the most popular trip bags to find what I suppose are the stylish trip packs for multiple trip styles.

What backpack should I bring to Europe?

A 40-litter pack is the stylish size for traveling in Europe as it's small enough to fly carry- on only. However, you just need to make sure that you choose a pack you'll be comfortable carrying for long ages of time, If you are not over to the challenge of travelling with a 40 litter pack.

12 Best Travel Backpacks for Europe, 2023

Best Travel Backpack for Europe


These best carry-on backpack for international travel are each different, but that’s the beauty of it in my mind – I suppose everyone is likely to find their perfect bag nearly among these 12 trip packs:

1. Osprey 46 L Porter Backpack

Osprey Porter 46L
A dateless design and durable construction, backed by Osprey's notorious" All potent Guarantee," is why this is the popular bag you'll see in best travel backpack for Europe’s hostels. However, choose the Osprey Porter, If on a budget but cannot immolate quality.

• Converts to a duffel
• snippersnapper, simple design
Single cube great for stuffing in further clothes
• Stylish value/ quality combination
• Carry on size
• Backed by continuance guarantee

• Shoulder strips have minimum padding (they need to be small to hitcher)
• veritably many pockets – just one big cube

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2. The Rambler by Salkan

The Salkan is the most comfortable pack I have set up. The strips and weight distribution are unthinkable- it slightly feels like I am carrying it! I also love that it's BOTH front and top lading and the customizable colours.
Note You can get the main bag alone, or the" Rambler" pack with Salkin’s swish daypack.

• Front AND top lading
• By far the most comfortable bag to carry I ’ve ever tested( the harness system is stupendous at distributing weight)
• Thoughtful traces like a flight and rain cover
• Comes whisked with included day pack( if copping
Rambler pack)
• Free shipping and returns
• The size is technically just a couple of elevation longer than utmost carry- on limitations( with that said – I ’ve now tête-à-tête carried it on aeroplanes
doubly with zero problems).

3. Tortuga Travel Backpack

Looking to avoid checked bag freights? This pack is specifically made for you! It's a single- bag result for carry- on- only trippers.
• Carry- on biddable, with maximum space
• Super comfortable to carry (indeed full)
•Eco-friendly trappings
• Lightweight & durable
• Tortuga’s Worldwide Contract

• Simple aesthetics
• Lack of erected- in cinch

4. Toppo Designs Global trip Bag

You will love the numerous pockets and chambers, including one for your laptop. The Global Travel Bag has comfortable strips and a thick hipsterism belt, making it easy to carry.


• Excellent association features
• Solid laptop cube
• Comfortable strips and hipsterism belt
• Trappings feel high quality and durable


• The size of a carryon bag may be compromised if it is overstuffed.
• When packed completely, it’s fairly big

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5. Osprey FairPoint 55

Though I prefer to travel light, for trippers who want more space, this is the stylish trip pack for Europe. Men's and Women's performances available. Plus, it comes with Osprey's extension guarantee.
• Good price/ quality balance
• Backed by Osprey continuance guarantee


• A little heavy
• veritably many pockets – just one big cube
• Not carry on size

6. The No Matic Travel Backpack

The viral No Matic bag is taking the digital vagabond world by storm for good reason. It has thoughtful features for storing down everything you need, and is still carry- on size.

• erected specifically for digital gadabouts and remote workers
• The stylish association features of any bag I ’ve ever seen
• Expandable size(20 L to 30 L)
• Simple but satiny design, quality construction


Might be too minor to serve

7. Peak Design Travel Backpack

Its material is also largely durable. One strike is there are only two-colour options.
• Solid association & lots of chambers
• Super durable surface
• Soft & stretchy (but durable) interior trappings
• Comfortable, malleable & padded shoulder straps

• veritably many colour options
• occasionally out of stock
• Can be a bit big when overpacked

8. PacSafe Venture safe Carry- On trip pack

PacSafe Venture safe Anti-Theft Carry- on, 45 Liter
upset about safety on your Euro backpacking trip? PacSafe is made for worriers like you. This bag comes loaded with anti-theft and security features, plus it's enough swish and comfortable to charge.


•Anti-theft rent- sign design for security
• Super comfortable
• 45 and 65L carry on sizes
• Easy access to frontal chambers


• Nest strips are a cool point, but they can be tricky to finagle into the bag

9. Topo Designs trip pack 30L or 40L

The Topo Designs trip pack comes in two sizes 30L or 40L. Both are carry- on packs with versatility; they can be carried as a pack, over the shoulder, or with heist handles. The packs are organized for one- bag trip and they've a pass- through panel to secure them to a rolling luggage handle too. However, it’s that it does not have a poke for a water bottle, and actually, If I've any real complaints about this bag. See if you can get it on trade.


• Multiple options for carrying it
• Low carbon footmark
• Sturdy zippers


• No water bottle fund
• Reviews about its hipness are mixed

10. REI hutch Ruck pack

REI is one of the stylish dealers and manufacturers of hardy out-of-door gear and luggage. The recycled REI hutch Ruck pack comes in men’s and women’s styles and has some features of a hiking pack indeed though it's a definitive trip pack.
The women’s harness straps wind else around the casket, and the hipsterism belt swatch is longer to accommodate hips up to 48 elevation wide. The bag also has side and top handles for easy heist- and- go and attachments for touring poles.


• Great for passages that include some extended hiking and backpacking
• Good suspense system
• REI quality and guarantee
• Excellent value
• Lockable zippers


Del Dia


The Cotopaxi Alpha 35L is a various pack made of repurposed fabrics. If aesthetics could kill!
The stylish thing about these is that each pack is literally one of a kind – no two bags partake the same colours or patterns! It meets carry- on bag conditions for utmost airlines while still furnishing considerable space.
It also has heist handles and theftproof netting on all external zippers. It weighs 3 pounds, 5 ounces and they ’re enough good value for plutocrat.


• Good organizational system
• Excellent suspense system
• various and unique!


Your ca not choose your colours

12. eBags TLS Mother Lode Travel Backpack

The TLS Mother Lode is a solid option at a reasonable price and not just for the incontrovertibly (and honestly unnecessarily) stupendous name. For a 54- litter pack, it’s an absolute steal.
It has a frontal cube with interior pockets and a large main cube with contraction strips. It also has a removable, malleable sternum swatch, two quick- heist zip pockets, and a zip water bottle fund. It also has a laptop cube that can handle laptops up to 19 elevations. You can customize the innards to match your own quilting style.


• Affordability – a great price- to- capacity rate
• Option for a analogous pack in a rolling pack style
• Some pundits say the strips are inadequately designed


Is it safe to travel with a pack in Europe?

Generally traveling with a pack in Europe is veritably safe. You can cover yourself by exercising caution, no way leaving your bag alone, and investing in a bag cinch. You may also consider an anti-theft bag like the PacSafe Venture safe.

What's a good pack for traveling Europe?

Our top packs for Europe are the Osprey Porter 46 L and the Salkan Backpacker. Both bags work impeccably for a trip through Europe, with the Salkan offering further space and the Porter the capability to travel check- in only.

Is it better to travel with a pack or wallet in Europe?

It depends on your particular preference. However, you ’ll find that utmost trippers use packs for ease of portability, If you're staying in caravansaries. Though it’s a no way - ending debate, the verity is you can travel Europe just fine with either a trip pack or a carry-on wallet.


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