Backpacks are indispensable while traveling. You always need a backpack whether you are traveling short distance or long distance. Waterproof backpacks are the best because you might be traveling to rainy areas. So, it becomes a necessity. Backpacks are different from bags as these are bigger and heavier. Another thing is that backpacks are carried on the back while bags can be handbags or sling bags also. So, choosing the best one can be tedious. You have to consider a lot of factors like space, zippers, compartments, overall size of the backpack. The material used for making the backpack is also an important consideration. Another secondary factor can be color- as you might want to choose your favorite color. So, of course, you want to look for the brand that makes sure these factors are there in the ways that you want. Best waterproof backpack for travel would be that one for you. When you want to choose a camera backpack, you would want a waterproof backpack as the camera should not get affected by water or rain. If you are traveling in the daytime, you can choose any color as compared to when you are traveling in the night time. If you are traveling at night, choosing dark colors for the bag can camouflage with the darkness of night. If you are traveling in forest area, do not choose colors like green and brown. Similarly, while traveling in hilly areas, choosing colors like brown would not be good.

What Is The Best Brand For Travel Backpack?

Best Waterproof Backpacks For Travel


Gregory is the best brand for travel backpack. Gregory is the most significant brand for backpacks. When it comes to carrying heavy loads, Gregory is the best. Also, the brand is known for making the most comfortable backpacks. There are so many sizes in the brand for all your needs- so whether you need a backpack for carrying lesser amount of things or one for heavier things. The way these backpacks are designed is also unique. These backpacks have many compartments or zippers- making things more functional. Some of the best waterproof backpacks for travel from Gregory are Nano 18 and Jade 43.

The 12 Best Waterproof Backpacks Of 2023

1. Rains Backpack

Rains Backpack is the perfect bag for an innovative design. Another good thing is the variety of colors. The colors are stylish and you will find these backpacks worth it. There are enough compartments in it. There is a compartment for keeping laptop, an inner compartment with zipper, and a compartment for keeping phone. There is a carabiner feature also. This backpack can be called the best waterproof backpack for travel.

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2.Sea to Summit Hydraulic Daypack

Sea to Summit Hydraulic Daypack is the best waterproof daypack for travel. It is also a good hiking backpack. It is a lightweight and durable backpack. There is a nylon fabric construction in it.

3. Marchway Floating Dry Bag

The Marchway Floating Bag is made up of tarpaulin fabric. This backpack is waterproof and will keep your things safe from wet conditions. There are 18 good colors in it. You will get this backpack in 5 sizes. If this backpack gets fallen down in water, it keeps floating, hence the name Floating Dry Bag.

4. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein backpack for travel is made with polyester fabric. Polyester is a water-resistant fabric. This backpack is durable. There are many colors that can you can choose from. There is a laptop compartment that has enough space to keep laptop of about 15 inches. The backpack is strong and easy to carry.

5. Patagonia Black Hole

Patagonia Black Hole is made up of 100% polyester. This backpack is made up of sustainable materials. This backpack is good for hiking and travel of all kinds. It is a versatile backpack for travel, hence. It cannot be called lightweight but can surely be called moderately heavy.

6. Osprey Daylite

Osprey Daylite is a lightweight backpack. The shoulder straps of this backpack have ventilated details. This backpack is not very spacious. One can carry only limited things in Osprey Daylite. But it is compact. There are compartments for keeping laptop and water bottles. This backpack is for a minimalist traveler. You will find the colors of the backpacks quite strong. This backpack comes at an easy price.

7. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Daybreak

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Daybreak is probably the best for hiking. It has an ultra light design. So, it becomes easier to carry it wherever you want to go. The material used to design this backpack is nylon composite. The waterproofing is such that it can be carried in strong rainfall times. There is a roll top closing strap. Hyperlite Daybreak is durable.

8. Rains Rolltop Rucksack

Rains Rolltop Rucksack is a backpack with a modern design. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It is a durable backpack. The brand also keeps sustainability factor in mind. The material used to make the backpack is polyester and polyurethane. There is only one compartment in this backpack- so this can be a possible drawback. But the good thing is that it is expandable. There is a brand’s signature carabiner detail in the backpack- so one thing to look out for. Zippers made up of water-resistant materials are there in the front and back of the backpack. There are matte colors available in this backpack that makes it classy.

9. Diamond Candy

Diamond Candy backpack is as special as the diamonds. This is one of the best hiking backpacks also. There are 4 zippered compartments in this backpack. It is a spacious backpack. There is a laptop compartment also. It is easy to carry it. Durable nature is another benefit.

10. Acrodo Dry Bag

Acrodo Dry Bag is the best backpack for hiking and related activities like boating and swimming. It is a good waterproof bag. This bag starts floating when there is excess of water around. This bag is made up of good-quality waterproof materials. The only thing is that it has only one compartment in it.

11. Outjoy Travel

Outjoy Travel is a backpack for technological equipments. So, all the equipments will remain safe. There are many compartments in it. So, it becomes easier to organize all the gadgets. There is an external USB interface in it with cable- this is the most unique feature.

12. Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack

Nomatic McKinnon is the best waterproof camera backpack for travel. This backpack has Velcro dividers. So, there is a lot of space for organizing the things. This backpack is sturdy and durable. The design of this backpack makes it good enough.

Are Waterproof Backpacks Worth It?

Waterproof backpacks are made up of nylon and polyester. Dry bags are 100% waterproof. These are completely waterproof. These can be used for hiking and water adventures. The durable nature of waterproof backpacks is another good thing.


Q. What materials are used for making waterproof backpacks?

A. Polyester and nylon.

Q. Should the travel backpack be lightweight?

A. Travel backpack should be lightweight but at the same time spacious enough to carry all the travel stuff.

Q. Are hiking backpacks waterproof?

A. No, you would not find most of them waterproof. But there are some brands like Hyperlite that make waterproof hiking backpacks.

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