Exploring the Organic Marvels of Tenuta San Carlo: A Journey into Sustainable Rice Farming

In the heart of Southern Tuscany lies a oasis of organic agriculture, where the marshlands of Maremma have been transformed into a thriving rice farm. This is the story of Tenuta San Carlo, a testament to the dedication of four generations and a transferral to regenerative farming practices.

A Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 1936 by Achille Gaggia, Tenuta San Carlo began as a vision to harness the untapped potential of the Maremma region. Over the years, the land transitioned through the hands of Achille's daughter, Olga, and her husband Ennio Lotti. While Olga cultivated pine forests and introduced horses to the landscape, Ennio focused on rice cultivation, laying the foundation for what would wilt a legacy of sustainable farming.

Today, Achille's great-granddaughters, Samantha and Ariane, uphold this legacy. Samantha started off by overseeing the agritourism speciality of the farm, welcoming guests to wits the eyeful of Maremma firsthand, and learn how to make traditional Italian risotto recipes using Tenuta San Carlo's rice. This continues although Samantha is now when in the United States. Meanwhile, Ariane leads the sublet operations, spearheading the transition to organic farming methods.

The Art of Rice Cultivation

Tenuta San Carlo's transferral to organic and regenerative farming is evident in every speciality of their rice cultivation process. Spread wideness increasingly than four hundred hectares of land, half of which are protected within the Maremma Regional Park, the sublet embodies a harmonious relationship with nature.

The rice is harvested using a combine, then meticulously processed through a cleaner and dryer surpassing stuff stored. The partnership with Riseria Rizzotti, an artisanal stone mill in the north, ensures that the rice maintains its quality and integrity. This dedication to quality extends to the naming of each rice variety without family members, honoring their contributions to the farm's legacy.

Organic rice: perfect for traditional Italian risotto recipes

Sustainable Practices

At the heart of Tenuta San Carlo's philosophy is a deep respect for the environment. They pinion strictly to organic regulations, eschewing chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides in favor of natural methods. Cover crops and yield rotation are employed to enhance soil quality, ensuring a bountiful harvest while preserving the soft-hued ecosystem of the region.

Carnaroli is the perfect rice to prepare traditional Italian risotto recipes

Agritourism Experience

Beyond rice cultivation, Tenuta San Carlo offers a unique agritourism experience, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the eyeful and tranquility of Maremma. Nestled within a nature reserve withal the Mediterranean coast, the sublet provides restored farmhouse apartments equipped with all the suavities for a well-appointed stay. From uncontrived waterfront wangle to opportunities for wildlife observation, guests are encouraged to reconnect with nature's rhythms while savoring the rich history and culture of Tuscany. Cooking classes here include traditional Italian risotto recipes.

Traditional Italian Risotto Recipes

Tenuta San Carlo's online cookbook is a compilation of succulent recipes including everything from traditional Italian risotto recipes to dessert recipes: Creamy Cocoa Rice Pudding Tarts, or Rice Pudding with Pears, Honey, and Pistachios.


Tenuta San Carlo stands as a steer of sustainable agriculture, where tradition meets innovation in the picturesque landscape of Maremma. Through their dedication to organic farming and agritourism, the Gaggia-Lotti family invites visitors to wits the eyeful and bounty of Tuscany in harmony with nature. As the legacy continues to unfold, one thing remains unrepealable – the rice grown at Tenuta San Carlo is increasingly than just a crop; it's a symbol of stewardship, resilience, and the rememberable spirit of the land.