New York's Finger Lakes is the perfect location for all those who love to do some adventure. At this place, you will get to see beautiful scenery and do exciting outdoors. If you are thinking about visiting this place but confused about where to stay in the Finger Lakes then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will read about some greatest locations and hotels offering comfort and fun.

Which Finger Lake is the best to stay on?

The best places to stay on Finger Lake are available in various locations and hotels.

  • Skaneateles Lake: It is among the small Finger Lakes. This Lake is very famous for its crystal-clear sparkling water. It's a good option for a peaceful and pleasant vacation.
  • Canandaigua Lake: This is the best place for tourists as boating and other water activities are popular outdoor activities here.
  • Otisco Lake: It is the smallest among different Finger Lakes. For those who want a more private experience then this place is quite better.

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The Best place to stay in Finger Lakes near wineries

Seneca Lake  

  • Geneva: Located atop Seneca Lake, Geneva is a lovely city. Staying here is a great idea if you like to visit nearby wineries.
  • Watkins Glen: It is located at the base of Seneca Lake and is very famous for the scenery it offers.

Cayuga Lake

  • Ithaca: If you really like wine then this place is for you. And the good thing is there various facilities available, including hotels and options for breakfasts.

Keuka Lake

  • Hammondsport: It is a city that is very close to Keuka Lake.  This place is famous for its vintage charm and wineries.

The 12 Best Hotels in the Finger Lakes

Here are some best places to stay in the Finger Lakes on the water-

New Park Venue & Suites

The best area to stay in Finger Lakes is New Park venues. Situated on an 18-acre property, this hotel provides a beautiful getaway. The estate was before chosen for exclusive occasions, but it has lately been available for overnight guests. You will find each room fully furnished with unique garden tubs and stained-glass windows.

Mirbeau Inn & Spa Skaneateles

This place is a good choice if you want to experience European luxury. This place is near Skaneateles Lake and inspired by Claude Monet's French estate. If we talk about the surroundings then it has a castle kind of structures and French cottages around ponds and gardens. The good thing is it also has a restaurant and wine bar.

The Inn at Gothic Eves

It is a small inn and spa, which has only eight suites. Here, they offer you a peaceful and personal getaway.  You don’t need to worry, as you will be getting all good like smart TVs, soft mattresses, and perfect furnishings. You can enjoy more things such as relaxing in hot tubs, enjoying fireplaces, and more.

Inns of Aurora

The next comes the Inns of Aurora. This is best place if you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of the cities. It has a total of five small inns. Here you will get all the needed facilities like big rooms with comfy beds, bar, and soaking tub. It is a good place to stay for couples and small families who want a good private experience.

The Argos Inn

Now talking about Argos Inn, which is a historic mansion. Yes, because it received numerous preservation honors. This place deserves it as it is made up of sustainable, energy-efficient materials and fixtures.  The rooms you get to stay in have Rooms with brick walls, and velvet blinds. It also has some lavish facilities such as Apple TVs, heated floors, and showers.

The Bond 1835

Before being renovated into a hotel, this place was just a normal farmhouse.  Now, it has been rebuilt into a small-scale hotel. If we talk about the views, then this place is best to experience the amazing views from your rooms. Yes, this place is excellent to capture the stunning sunset. Travelers can enjoy a home-style breakfast and coffee throughout the day.

Watkins Glen Harbor

It is a luxury hotel, which is very close to Seneca Lake. It's a good option for those who want to experience wineries. The hotel offers admiral suites. Blue Pointe Grill is the famous restaurant of this hotel. There you can get regional cuisine and fresh seafood.

2W Lake

B&B is a quiet private place with only two guestrooms. You will notice that rooms have modern decorations, fine Italian linens, and cozy beds. They are very famous for providing services, like a hearty breakfast in the morning. The hotel has a mix of modern and antique furnishings.

Sutherland House Victorian Bed & Breakfast

This hotel is located a few miles away from the Canandaigua Lake. It offers a beautiful stay on five acres of land surrounded by gardens and trees. In this hotel, you get to experience historic furnishings, fireplaces, and very old copper beech trees.

Quinta Rosa Estate

This hotel is a complete work of art in terms of construction and beauty. It has a modern and vintage interior design. It doesn't have many rooms, but only four guest rooms. Apart from rooms, there is a well-decorated common area where visitors can relax.

Firelight Camps

If you want to have fun by doing camping in the middle of the Finger Lakes then this place is must visit. Here you will experience the beauty of nature with your loved ones. These camping tents have wooden flooring and cozy mattresses. Also, there's a bar and lounge on-site. How can we forget about the live music which make your vacation more memorable.

La Tourelle Hotel & Spa

This hotel in Ithaca is built on 70 acres. The whole place is charming and has wood-burning stoves, antique carpets, and comfortable rooms.  Energizing therapies and treatments are offered at the spa, which improves your experience.

Now you where to stay in the Finger Lakes and how to make the most of your stay.

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What are the top hotels to stay in the Finger Lakes?

Answer. New Park Venue & Suites, Mirbeau Inn & Spa Skaneateles, The Inn at Gothic Eves, Inns of Aurora, and The Argos Inn are the top hotels to stay in the Finger Lakes.

Is the Finger Lakes a good place for a vacation?

Answer. Yes, it is an exquisite destination for having an amazing vacation. It offers several attractions and activities, which make it an appealing choice for travelers.

(By-Simran Singh)