Your choice of where to stay in Mallorca can significantly influence your experience on this lovely Mediterranean island. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and is located in Spain. And you know what it is a famous tourist destination recognized for its amazing natural beauty. It has several things to enjoy like beaches, mountains, and villages.

Deciding where to stay in Mallorca for first time can be a little challenging and there’s no doubt in it. Or you we have come up with some cool suggestions and options. Here you will find some budget-friendly hotels and towns where you can spend your vacations with friends and family.

What's the best area to stay in Mallorca?

where to stay in mallorca


There are several areas which are best to have a happy stay in Mallorca like Playa de Palma, Magaluf, and Palma Nova, for enjoying the beaches and Nightlife. If you are going with your family members then Cala Millor, Cala Rat Jada, and Cala d'Or are the best places

May be you guys are looking for more peaceful environment then we would suggest the north coast, which includes Puerto Pollensa, Playa del Muro, and Port d’Alcudia, is best for you. Some people like more private environment then west coast area is the good option for them.

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Best hotels in Mallorca

  1. Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites
  2. PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa
  3. Prinsotel La Dorada
  4. Hotel Samos
  5. Es Princep
  6. Nakar Hotel
  7. Iberostar Cala Millor
  8. Iberostar Selection Playa de Palma

11 Best Towns to Stay in Mallorca All time

1. Palma

Palma is the capital of Mallorca and no doubt is very famous among the regular travelers. The plus point is it's very close to the airport. This makes it an ideal option for those looking for a long weekend stay. You can do shopping here, visit historical buildings and more. This place may be not best for those looking for vibrant nightlife when compared to neighboring towns.  

2. Magaluf

The 2nd best town is Magaluf. This place is because of its lively atmosphere, amazing nightlife, and beaches. Young travelers choose this place for their vacations for mostly doing parties and having fun. It's located on the western side of the island and is very close to Palma.        

3. Palma Nova

Palma Nova is ideal place for a family vacation, as it doesn’t only have stunning beaches but very popular restaurants as well. The restaurants here offer best food and have good reviews. This place is also close to Palma so you can move from one town to another easily. And the shopping enthusiasts will love this place as it has fantastic boutiques and shops to explore.

4. Portals Nous

Portals Nous is quiet and laid-back village near Palma. It is known for its beautiful beaches and great sailing clubs. Its appeal has even won many celebrities' hearts. Also, it has variety of shops, giving the impression that it is a location where people prefer to live rather than merely visit. During your stay, you will also get the to meet some locals and experience the true Mallorca lifestyle.

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5. Ca’n Pastilla

The next comes Ca'n Pastilla, which is a great choice for a peaceful beach vacation in Mallorca. It has so many beaches and resorts that will make your stay more fun. Also, the area is popular among the tourists for its outstanding surfing options. It is pure heaven for the pro surfers to enjoy their favorite sport.

6. S’Arenal

Another best town that adds to the list is S'Arenal. The feature of this place that is best is that it offers you a fun and inexpensive vacation. It is located on the island's southern shore and has beaches worth to explore. And if you are a party animal then this place observes cool parties during the day and night, and the best part is that staying here will be fine for your wallet.

7. Can Picafort

If you are searching for a super shill place then visit Can Picafort for a vacation. It has a big harbor, and you can use boats to go to other cool spots on the island. Here you will find various bars and restaurants that will not cost you much as rates are reasonable. So, you can add this region to your budget friendly travel list. Most places to stay are right by the sea, so you get lovely ocean views.

8. Port d’Alcúdia

Port d'Alcudia is famous for its family-oriented resorts.  It's one of the greatest places to stay in Mallorca for a family vacation. It's also close to the historic town of Alcúdia. It might be boring if you are planning to travel alone, so visit this place with your friends and family.

9. Alcúdia

Alcudia is another great town to learn about history and explore old villages. This location will offer you old vibes as it gives a classic village atmosphere. Here, you can explore ancient houses and cobblestone streets. To inform you there may not be many things to do in this town as there is in busier resort destinations. So, if you want to do a lot of activities, you may have to travel a little.

10.  Port de Pollenca

One of the most beautiful settings that will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere. If you want to stay at a great resort with a modern vibe, this is the place to go. This town is ideal for couples looking for a romantic break, in our opinion. The calm that they will find here will make their stay more enjoyable.

10.  Port de Sóller

The best small-town village if you're seeking for an exciting place to stay. It's ideal for those who want to explore outdoor activities. It has lovely uncrowded beaches, which makes it a good attraction. You can use public transportation to easily tour other regions of the island.

11. Valldemossa

How can we end this list by not including the lovely town Valldemossa? If you enjoy history and environment, this is one of the best places to stay in Mallorca. This location is full with interesting historical stories, as well as cool hiking trails. It's also set in the mountains, so it's breathtakingly lovely with plenty of natural beauty. You're in for a terrific adventure wherever you stay in Valldemossa.

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Where to stay in Mallorca for couples?

Answer. As couples, you may also explore the romantic boutique hotels in the beautiful village of Deià and seaside resort at Cala d'Or.

Where to stay in Mallorca without a car?

Answer. Palma is a fantastic decision because it has excellent transportation options.

Where to stay in Mallorca for nightlife?

Answer. Paseo Marítimo, Palmanova, and Magaluf are places to stay in Mallorca for nightlife.

(By Simran Singh)