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Top 7 Things to Do in Orlando with Kids and Family in 2023

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Hey there, little adventurers and families! Are you ready to dive into the enchanting world of Orlando, Florida, where fun and magic await at every corner? Orlando is a place where dreams come true, and it's filled with exciting things to do with kids and family. Get ready for an unforgettable journey!

The 7 Unique Things To Do With Kids In Orlando And Places To Visit

Imagine stepping into a world where fairy tales come alive, and thrilling adventures await you and your family. That's Orlando for you! Here are seven unique things to do in orlando with kids:

  1. Walt Disney World Resort: This is like stepping into a fairy tale kingdom where you can meet your favorite Disney characters, go on thrilling rides, and watch dazzling parades. It's a dream come true!
  1. Universal Orlando Resort: If you're a fan of wizards, witches, and all things magical, this place is for you. You can explore The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and go on incredible rides based on your favorite movies.
  1. SeaWorld Orlando: Dive into the deep blue sea and meet amazing marine animals like dolphins and penguins. You can even go on thrilling water rides here.
  1. LEGOLAND Florida Resort: Ever wanted to visit a theme park made entirely of LEGO bricks? LEGOLAND is like a giant playground where your imagination can run wild.
  1. Gatorland: Get up close and personal with some of Florida's most famous residents – alligators! You can watch exciting shows and even zip line over these incredible creatures.
  1. Orlando Science Center: If you're curious about the world and love hands-on experiments, this place is like a playground for your brain. You can learn about space, technology, and even dinosaurs.
  1. Crayola Experience: Let your creativity flow like a river of colors. At Crayola Experience, you can create your own art, watch crayons being made, and even go on crayon-themed rides.

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Fun Activities To Do in Orlando with Family in 2023

Orlando isn't just about theme parks; it's a treasure trove of exciting activities for families. Here are some fun ideas for your cheap things to do in orlando with family:

  1. Picnic at Lake Eola: Pack a yummy picnic and head to Lake Eola Park. You can feed swans, rent swan paddle boats, or simply enjoy the beautiful scenery
  1. Visit ICON Park: This entertainment complex is like a carnival in the city. You can ride The Wheel for stunning views, enjoy delicious food, and even watch a live show.
  1. Explore Harry P. Leu Gardens: If you love nature and gardens, this is like a secret paradise. You can wander through beautiful gardens, watch butterflies, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
  1. Play Mini Golf: Orlando has some of the coolest mini-golf courses. It's like a mini adventure where you can challenge your family to a friendly game.
  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf: Take mini-golf to the next level by playing in the dark with neon colors and glowing balls. It's like a magical experience.
  1. Chocolate Kingdom Tour: Dive into the world of chocolate at Chocolate Kingdom. You can learn how chocolate is made and even make your own chocolate bar.
  1. Watch a Dinner Show: Orlando offers fantastic dinner shows where you can enjoy a delicious meal while watching entertaining performances.

Know Before You Go In Orlando

Before you embark on your Orlando adventure, here are some important things to do in orlando with kids:

  1. Weather: Orlando can get pretty warm and humid, especially in the summer. So, pack sunscreen, hats, and stay hydrated.
  2. Tickets: If you plan to visit theme parks, it's a good idea to buy tickets in advance.
  1. Transportation: Orlando has lots of traffic, so plan your transportation wisely. Some hotels offer shuttle services to theme parks, which can be super convenient.
  1. Dining: There are many dining options in Orlando, from fancy restaurants to food trucks. Don't forget to try some local dishes while you're here!
  1. Safety: Orlando is generally a safe place for tourists. However, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on your belongings and follow safety guidelines.


Let's answer some common questions about visiting Orlando:

Q1:  What's the best time to visit Orlando?

March And May.

Q2:  Are there free things to do in Orlando?

Yes, Entertainment, Eat And Fun Activies. 

Q3:  Can young kids enjoy Orlando?


Q4:  How can I meet Disney characters?

You can make reservation at restaurant.

Q5:  Is Orlando safe for families?

Yes, its safe to visit with family.

And there you have it, dear adventurers and families! Orlando is a place where magical dreams come true, and there's something exciting for everyone. So, pack your bags, put on your adventure hats, and get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with fun, laughter, and a touch of magic. Orlando is waiting for you!

Sonali Tomar

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