Subterranean Sleeps

There are many unusual places to stay in the globe, whether they are constructed to resemble movie sets, perched high in the trees, or perilously perched on cliffs. However, there are some unexpected locations where you may spend the night that aren't even above ground.

Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy, South Australia

In the eerie Australian desert hamlet of Coober Pedy, most people live underground to avoid the oppressive heat outside. The village features a hotel that offers a glimpse into underground life and was established by opal miners who came to this region after learning that it was rich in expensive stones. The chambers below ground level feature vaulted ceilings and are furnished to mimic the stony surroundings above. Additionally, there's a bar, a cafe, and an outdoor pool.

Zedwell Underground, London, England, UK

Zedwell Underground Tottenham Court Road, London: Hotel Reviews, Rooms &  Prices |

Zedwell subterranean, dubbed the "first and only underground hotel experience" in London, was created with restful sleep-in mind. The hotel's "cocoon" rooms are tucked away many storeys below street level, despite being right in the middle of Tottenham Court Road in central London. Experts in well-being have crafted minimalist décor, soundproofing, ambient lighting, and rainfall showers to create an incredibly peaceful atmosphere.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas, USA

This strange refuge, tucked away in a natural cavern in the northwest Arkansas Ozark Mountains, is actually an opulent four-bedroom underground house. It may not appear like much from the outside. With stunning stalactites and rippling natural rock formations as a backdrop, the interiors include sophisticated yet comfortable furnishings, cozy bedrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. The higher floors give breathtaking views out over the valley.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, Shanghai, China:

One of the most ambitious hotels ever built, InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is an astonishingly astounding work of engineering. Constructed within a shuttered quarry in Songjiang, the opulent 18-story hotel comprises just two levels above the earth. The remaining ones are carved into the side of the quarry, and two of them are fully immersed in an aquarium that is teeming with unusual marine creatures, such as tiny sharks, stingrays, and an array of vibrant fish.

La Dimora di Metello, Matera, Italy

La Dimora di Metello - Hotel in the Sassi of Matera

Only four spacious apartments and a spa that have been carved from the stone make up the modest cave hotel La Dimora di Metello, located in the well-known rock-hewn town of Matera, Italy, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since cave homes date back to the Palaeolithic age, visitors must spend the night in these vast hideaways carved out of the rock. The spa is especially amazing; it seems totally isolated from the outside world and is tucked down further under the rock with fully exposed natural walls.

Grand Canyon Caverns & Inn, Peach Springs, Arizona, USA

Deep beneath the surface, this charmingly antique inn has one particular chamber, although most of it is above ground. The Cavern Suite is described as "the world's darkest, quietest and deepest hotel room" and is located 200 feet (61 meters) below the surface of the earth. In addition to a TV, a kitchenette, a working toilet, and two queen beds, there is also a large selection of literature. Take advantage of the chance to explore the expansive caves while you're there (tours aren't offered right now).

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Les Hautes Roches, Rochecorbon, France

Les Hautes Roches, a luxury 12-room hotel on the banks of the Loire River, was formerly a section of the 17th-century Marmoutier Abbey. Constructed inside a tufa rock, the unusual cave rooms are a labyrinth of opulent residences that were formerly monastery cells. There is a Michelin Guide restaurant and two more rooms in the 18th-century manor house next to the Relais & Chateaux hotel.

Sala Silver Mine, Sala, Sweden

SALA SILVERMINE, A journey to the centre of the Earth – INFUR MAGAZINE

The Sala Silver Mine, which formerly had one of the top five largest silver resources in the world, has been used to extract silver for at least 500 years. In the present day, the mine provides lodging 500 feet (152 meters) below surface level. Because the apartment is so deep, it is incredibly dry, silent, and free of bats or rodents. While the mine has reopened for tours, the suite and the mine both closed in 2020 for renovations. However, the suite and the mine haven't yet opened yet.

Cumberland Caverns, McMinnville, Tennessee, USA

One of the longest cave systems in the United States, Cumberland Caverns was found in 1810 and spans over 28 miles (45 km) below the surface. Today, visitors may take a 333-foot (102-meter) underground trip to witness the amazing limestone formations and can even register for a really unique overnight. To get to their overnight accommodations, guests will have to navigate narrow corridors and difficult climbs. It does get muddy and damp, so don't forget to pack sleeping bags and wear proper clothing.