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The 10 Best Belize Diving Resorts 2023 All Inclusive

Aerial Panoramic of Skaneateles Lake and Village

Best Diving Resorts In Belize is famed as one of the omphali of scuba diving mostly for the Belize Great Barrier Reef. This is the longest unbroken hedge reef in the Western Semicircle! Exploring Belize from a dive resort allows a mix of action, adventure, and easing. We ’ve done the work for you, and collected the 5 stylish Belize dive resorts! Each of these Belize dive resorts have PADI 5- star dive centres onsite or in close nearness, and they suit a wide range of budgets.

best diving resorts in belize offer the enticing blend of good Caribbean scuba diving combined with a first-rate tropical rain timber, bizarre catcalls, and literal Mayan remains. Belize diving is pre-dominantly land- stuck but you can also find liveaboards in Belize.

Belize is easy to get to from the United States, and there is a good blend of budget-range, and luxury resorts. utmost resorts offer jungle tenures and raspberry or nature walks, as well as exciting journey taming like delve

tubing or cascade rope down. best diving resorts in belize is a last stop that caters to both joy activists and trippers

looking to relax on key time at the sand. It is the perfect last stop to combine astral diving with amazing topside gests!

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Turneffe Island Resort

With the Great Blue Hole just 30 kilometres (19 long hauls) down, Turneffe Island Resort is in the heart of diving action in Belize. On original dives then, you might spot Caribbean reef harpies and ancient spikes! also, another clear aspect of Turneffe Island Resort is their à la carte taming, meaning you do not have to bind to a whole day of events in advance. Just join an exertion as and when you please. likewise, onsite massage therapists and night happy hours will sharp over your days out from diving.

Steve and Becky’s Cute Little hostel

Positioned in San Pedro, Steve and Becky’s is indeed a cute little hostel, loved by solo trippers and couples likewise.  Ramon’s Vill Diving dive centre is a short walk down, giving access to dives at Shark Ray Alley and the famed Great Blue Hole! also, end the day at the beachfront eatery.


  • isolated, quiet position
  • Access to massages and lagoon pool at Ramon’s coming door
  • Exchange air

Isla Marisol Resort

With the onsite 5- star PADI Dive centre, divers can engage in upkeep dives at the walled Marine Park. also, 80 square long hauls of tropical lagoon can be sightseen on kayak or paddle board.


  • Upkeep diving in the walled Marine Park
  • Over-water eatery

Blackbird Caye Resort

likewise, Blackbird Caye boasts an oceanside eternity pool and a night-time sand campfire, making it one of the best diving resorts in belize . This is a comfy flight last stop aimed at advanced budgets.


  • Beach campfire night-time
  • Oceanside perpetuity pool

Alaia Belize

Nestled in San Pedro Town, Alaia dyads contemporarily elegant workrooms with beachfront estates. Which bone

As one of the stylish Belize dive resorts, Alaia not only boasts an onsite, 5- star dive centre but exceptional onsite gests as well, including a wine bar, gym treatments, 6 caffs

and 4 bars. Alaia Belize offers fantastic-range prices with an ultra-luxurious sense!


  • Exchange, wine club, and full gym
  • On hold rooftop pool

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Anthony’s Key Resort, Roatan, Honduras

Anthony’s Key is a stunning dive resort with 56 luxury bungalows arranged on a big 11- acre property in the heart of Roatan, one of the Bay islets of Honduras. A long- time favourite among scuba divers, the design of Anthony’s Key Resort clearly blends into the islet’s lush timbers and the colours of Sandy Bay, a slice of Caribbean bliss.

The resort has four different bungalow orders the Hill Standard and Hill Superior bungalows are deep in the lush timber on the main islet, while the Key Superior and Key luxe rooms are located on Anthony’s Key, a small private islet right in the centre of the aqua lagoon. The resort features an emotional line keen to scuba diving and an on- point hyperbaric chamber.

Thanks to the islet’s position, Roatan’s jaw- dropping coral reef features open walls and banks that sink to dizzy depths and boast an emotional array of coral colours and shapes, all clearly visible in the clear water.

Camel Dive Club & Hotel

It grew into the hustler that it is moment thanks to the passion and vow of its friendly staff.

The Camel complex be made up of of its fabulous dive centre, a four- star hostel with 38 apartments, a bar with a rooftop where divers from each over Sharm El Sheikh meet to sputter about the day sightings while grinding on Camel’s famous peanuts, and a variety of caffs

Many hours by boat from the support is plenty to pierce several worlds- class dive spots similar as the excellent SS Thistlegorm, considered by many as the most beautiful wreck at fun depths. Sharm El Sheikh is also the closest harbourage to the Ras Mohammed and Tiran National Parks, home to some of the stylish reef dives in the world.

Buddy Dive, Bonaire

Established in 1979, the Bonaire Marine Park has made this bitsy Dutch Caribbean islet a total bliss for scuba diving, and no resort is more linked with the islet’s favourite pastime than Buddy Dive. put away onto a peaceful slice of shorefront just north of the main city of Kralendijk, Buddy offers big workrooms, 1-, 2- and 3- bedroom flats, an on- point dive centre and shop, two swimming pools, two caffs, vehicle settlement and their notorious drive- through tank filler station.

Options include support diving only, with a great house reef at your doorstep, boat diving, or a combination of the two. The resort’s intimate size, sunny unheroic structures, and large, grassy field also make it the perfect spot for end point dive marriages, honeymoons, or other special cases.

Diving highlights

Bonaire is world- famed as the support diving capital of the world, with around 60 officially honoured dive spots. Rent a volley truck with Buddy; drive through the tank station to pick up your tanks; and dive to your heart’s content each along the islet’s western seacoast. The fringing reef begins around 30 bases from support, making for easy access.

Must- visit spots include Salt Pier, the Hilma Hooker, and 1000 way, where you may see turtles, squid, reef fish, tarpon, seahorses, and more. Boat diving with Buddy gives you a case to visit spots on bitsy, deserted Klein Bonaire as well.

The Placencia, Belize

Settled on one of Belize’s beautiful strands, the Placencia is among Belize’s most select resorts. The vacation complex consists of luxury lodgement, all girding the main pool. There are also three caffs, a small hut, and a completely-functional marina from where the fishing and diving passages start.

At Placencia Resort, adventure meets relaxation. Visit the jungle and the original townlets set passage for some scuba diving or big game fishing; or explore the Mayan ruins. However, enjoy a stirring daylight over the Caribbean and evening over the Mayan Mountains, if you ’re planning a purely soothing vacation.

best scuba diving resorts in belize offers some of the stylish scuba diving in the Caribbean. The Belizean reef is the other- largest in the world after the Great hedge Reef, and diving then means demitasse-clear visibility and warm water time- round.

Far from being a typical destination, Belize offers pristine dive spots bulging with life. Turtles, big tiger, dolphins, and harpies pullulate. Soft and hard corals cake every gem and barrel ticks grow big enough to house a diver in full gear. best scuba diving resorts in belize is also home to the Great Blue Hole, an open billabong, famous among divers each over the world. 

Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru, Baa Atoll

The resort covers a variety of estates and flats with private pools and stirring views of the lagoon’s aqua water.

At Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru, luxury, well- being, and upkeep mix to give guests with a unique Maldivian skill. The resort offers a selection of unique out-of-door taming, including water sports, scenic breaks with the resort’s jet (the Flying Triggerfish) and indeed sea leases aboard Deep Flight, a three- person fun submarine.

Baa was chosen a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, placing it in the company of other world- infamous spots including the Galapagos and Komodo.

It is allowed to be one of the many places in the world where Giant harpies meet to copy and the bay often sees some of the largest flocks of manta ray shafts and Goliath harpies in the world, especially when the rising drift pushes nutrients into the bay.


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