Breakinf free from everyday life is a must! A break from all the everyday rush. A break from busy life. And what is better than visiting Morehead City NC? Famous for its rich culture and heritage, this place is a real treat for you. An absolutely beautiful atmosphere is all you need to relax from your nine to five lives, right? An Oceanfront hotels Morehead City NC on the beach is all that you need! What a perfect getaway. Having the ocean view for your vacation is all you need to relax. Simply looking at the scenic beauty is enough to take away all your stress.

If you are also looking for something like the same then you are going to love our today’s article! Today we will explore various places and hotels you can rely on during your vacation and fun time. There are various oceanfront hotels Atlantic Beach, and Virginia Beach oceanfront hotels and do not worry! We will also look into cheap places from Oceanfront Hotels Morehead City nc cheap.

12 Top Morehead City Hotels 2023

Oceanfront Hotels Morehead City NC


  1. Holiday Inn Express and suites Morehead City- A place with lose proximity to the beach and many other local attractions. This is an absolutely comfortable place for you to stay.
  2. Hampton Inn Morehead City- Another popular place for tourists. With its oceanfront location, you can totally rely on its amenities. Imagine waking up to the sunrise view from your view!
  3. Bask Hotel at Big Rock Landing- If you want some waterfront experience then consider staying here. This place has a modern setting to suit your lifestyle.
  4. Coral Bay resort- A perfect spot for the seekers of adventures. If you wish to experience a private and ultimate oceanfront hotels Atlantic beach experience, then opt for this place.
  5. The Inn at Pine Knoll Shores- A perfect oceanfront hotels Morehead city NC. Situated right on the beach for an ultimate and fresh experience. Relax at sandy shores or swim in the cool water of the pool. Experience everything here!
  6. Palm Suites -Best known for its spacious suites, this place is best for oceanfront hotels atlantic beach. The best part is that these suites have kitchens as well to suit your self-catering needs.
  7. Peppertree- Another oceanfront hotel atlantic beach. Best known for nearby attractions and beach views. Choose from condos with kitchens for big family stays.
  8. Island Inn- Oceanfront hotels Morehead City NC, Island Inn offers a wide range of rooms. Some of them come with a kitchen. And the beautiful view of the beach is all you need to refresh your life.
  9. A Place at the Beach- This property is resort style which is set to give you one to three bedrooms along with the kitchen. Travel without worry and stay here with your family or friends.
  10. Clam Digger Inn- Oceanfront Hotels Morehead city NC cheap price is what we are looking for. And this is exactly what you need. Located in Pine Knoll, stay in affordable rooms and enjoy the beach view.
  11. Oceanana Family motel- An affordable option for those looking for Oceanfront hotels. Enjoy the luxury of a hotel at a cheap price. With a beautiful location, you can have a private beach all for yourself!
  12. Double Tree- At the shores of the Atlantic beach, get ready to enjoy a comfortable stay with an ocean view and outdoor pool.

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Does Morehead City NC have a beach?

A big yes! Oceanfront hotels is actually famous for this one major reason, Morehead is blessed with beautiful and scenic beaches! The whole town is filled with a wide range of activities for the visitors. If you are also planning a beach vacation then add Morehead to your bucket list. Relax and enjoy the amenities of luxury hotels, have a fun time with your loved ones at the seaside and wake up to the beautiful scenery and fresh air of the ocean. With its friendly atmosphere and beautiful landscapes, this place becomes a perfect vacation spot for all who are looking for a refreshing getaway.


Is Morehead worth visiting?

Absolutely! This place is worth visiting if you are planning to escape from your monotonous life and enjoy some fresh breeze and quality time with your family.

What is the best time to visit Morehead?

It is preferred to visit during the spring or fall season as the atmosphere during this time is neither too cold nor too hot.

What are some of the attractions in Morehead?

From museums to parks and beaches, there are many places you can enjoy.

Is it a family friendly place?

Yes, Morehead is a good place to visit with your family.

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