Our tip on the stylish effects to do in Santa Cruz, California. This will suit you if you ’re keen to discover the creative side of the megacity, and all the stylish cafes, sweet treats, bookshops, beauty spots and Santa Cruz must- sees. streamlined for 2023.
Santa Cruz is the land of suds, mountains, hippy culture, redwood- covered mountains and a laid- back vibe that means you ca not help but relax there. It’s the home of the iconic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and has everything you dream of when picturing a classic California sand city.

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15 delightful effects to do in Santa Cruz, CA

15 Fun Things to do in Santa Cruz, California

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1. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

You might honour the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk from the pictures. This iconic recreation demesne has been the background to in many cinema scenes.
The old- fashioned funfair fronts the sand and features classic lifts like a big scoop comber coaster and a spinning carousel.
And do not forget to try all the typical walk treats, like kettle sludge, saltwater adulation and deep- fried Twinkies. It’s the top Santa Cruz magnet.
The walk is open daily from late May to late August, plus utmost weekends and leaves throughout the time. You can check the opening hours then.

2. Take the lovely route end to end West Face Drive

Driving along the California seacoast is the stuff of dreams and the stretch along West Cliff Drive is a good illustration of the swells, mist and escarpments that have come to epitomise that trip. Take it laggardly, stopping to take in the shoes and reposing in the ocean air.

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3. Lift a brume train through the redwoods

One of the most unique things to do in santa cruz is to head to Roaring Camp roads in the Santa Cruz mountains where you can take a brume train through the redwoods. The 19th- century logging brume train and tracks were firstly used to haul giant redwood logs off the mountains.

4. Walk among titans at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

The Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is an easy place to take a walk through a 40- acre copse of towering redwoods. The altitudinous tree in the demesne is 277 bases altitudinous and there’s another tree where the inside has been hollowed out, so you can step right outside!
The redwood copse is part of a much bigger demesne of 4,650 acres where you can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, swimming, and camping.

5. Watch the browsers

Santa Cruz is a world- notorious suds spot, attracting browsers from each over the world. Whether or not you can suds yourself, be sure to spend some time watching them catch the swells.
It’s a mesmerising scene and will probably have you philandering after a board yourself. However, why not take an assignment with the one of the megacity’s suds seminaries?
if so.

6. Do a Lost Boys stint

One of the most notorious flicks set in Santa Cruz is the shark film, The Lost Boys. You can do a tone- guided Lost Boys stint, taking in lots of the movie’s locales, including the Atlantis Fantasy world Comic Book Shop, Pogonip Club and the Loof Carousel on the Beach Boardwalk. Download the chart then.

7. Probing Museum

The teeny bitsy surfing gallery, detailing 120 times of probing history, is housed inside a antique little lighthouse along West Cliff Drive. The hours are limited, so check it’s open then.
Outside the gallery is a good spot to watch the browsers from (at Steamer Lane). And not far from it, is a statue of a cybersurfed that celebrates the megacity’s suds culture.
The gallery is about a 15- 20 nanosecond walk from the pier.

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8. Treat yourself to some epicure ice cream

I ’m always on the lookout for excellent ice cream and Santa Cruz didn't fail. The Penny Ice Creamery serves lately made ice cream with seasonal flavours and organic constituents. It’s over there with the stylish we ’ve ever had, especially the chai flavour. There are four shops in Pleasure Point, town Santa Cruz, Aptos Village and Scots Valley. And they also have a cube at the grower’s request.

9. Explore the original growers’ requests

Santa Cruz has five different growers’ requests, showcasing the stylish of the region’s yield. We went to the town request, which had a substantially hipster bent, including fresh bone broth and other on- trend health foods.
There’s also live music and it’s a delightful place to spend the autumn. Find out times and locales of all five requests then.

10. Watch a Santa Cruz evening

print courtesy of Visit Santa Cruz County/ Jim Kirklin
Santa Cruz has exceptional evenings, and a couple of good spots to catch them from are the Santa Cruz levee or Natural Islands State Beach (especially good from the carpark above the sand or the sand itself)

11. Natural Islands State Park

I was going to just include Natural Islands State Park in the evening section, but I suppose it surely deserves its own spot! The 65- acre public demesne has an iconic gemstone bow that makes for gorgeous print openings and is a mecca for catcalls, including pelicans.

It’s also a good spot for seeing jumbos from April- November. And you also might spot otters and seals throughout the time. For further wildlife viewing, walk along the sand to find drift pools with starfish, ocean anemones, cranks and further.

12. Visit the unique lot of UCSC

University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) has one of the most beautiful premises in the world, with ocean views and a library set amid the redwoods. And do not miss the 145- acre plantation and botanical auditoriums, featuring shops from around the world. Highlights include the eucalyptus copes, a butterfly theatre and all feathers of birdlife, including some spectacularly bright hummingbirds.

13. Tromp around the town area

Town Santa Cruz is a sweet place to while down an autumn, exploring the original cafes, shops and cafes.
For coffee, go to Lulu Carpenters if you ’re looking for a friendly, gemütlich cafe, or bounce if you want commodity fossil (both have further than one position across the megacity).
A great place for food is Abbot Square Market, a buzzy business with lots of food outlets and a popular blend bar. See further options in our companion to where to eat in Santa Cruz at the end of this post.

14. Go to Swanton Berry Farm

However, be sure to stop at Swanton Berry Farm, an eccentric little ranch shop dealing a succulent array of strawberry products, If you ’re arriving to Santa Cruz from the north or heading that way after. It operates on an honour system and also has lots of boardgames and books to enjoy while you take a break from your auto trip.

15. See the ocean Napoleons

Santa Cruz is home to numerous ocean captain colonies. You can spot them at the end of the Santa Cruz levee, in Ano Nuevo State Park, and along the seacoast north of Santa Cruz.
The easiest place to see them is on the levee where they live all time round. Plus, the view from the end of the levee is stunning. This is a great Santa Cruz exertion for families.

By what means to get to Santa Cruz as of San Francisco

It’s worth driving along the littoral Route 1 as it’s a beautiful drive and offers many different print stops, including Half Moon Bay and Davenport. Taking Route 1 adds about 20- 30 twinkles to your trip, plus the time you ’ll need for stops. I also recommend stopping at Swanton Berry Farm, which has a succulent array of strawberry products. Taking this route also means you enter Santa Cruz via West Cliff Drive, which is the perfect preamble to the megacity.

How to get around Santa Cruz

However, you ’ll be in walking distance to a many of the main lodestones, similar as the sand and walk, if you stay town. We recommendrentalcars.com for chancing the stylish deals. That said, parking can be delicate, so formerly in city, try to walk as important as you can. Uber is also readily available.
There’s also a Santa Cruz Trolley that offers a cheap lift between the walk and town.