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12 Things To Do In Biloxi Mississippi: Best Travel Guide

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In this article we are sharing with you top 12 Things To Do In Biloxi Mississippi. What are the finest things to do in Biloxi? You've arrived! We have a ton of ideas for things to do in Biloxi.

Biloxi, Mississippi, is well-known for its beaches, seafood, and casinos. In fact, one of the best things to do in Mississippi is to visit Biloxi Beach. This coastal city has a strong nautical history and is located on the Gulf of Mexico between New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Pensacola, Florida. However, Biloxi is more than just the beach!

In addition to the beach and coastal park, there are art and history museums to explore. visit . Alternatively, spend a night out on the town (or on a riverboat) followed by dinner at one of Biloxi's greatest restaurants. Whether you're visiting Biloxi with your partner, children, or on your own, you'll find the best Biloxi activities here.

So grab your sunscreen and good luck charm and head to Biloxi, MS to explore the greatest things to do.

The next cross-country voyage was to Mississippi (state number two out of fifty). Of course, we went to Biloxi, Georgia's closest gaming hotspot.

Many of our acquaintances told us about their excursions here to gamble. When they were unable to travel to Las Vegas. We don't play much, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend a few dollars on slots. When are you supposed to be in Biloxi?

In this article, we'll discuss what to do in Biloxi, including what we saw and did during our brief visit. We hope to see you again soon. We've already arrived.

12 things you'll love to do in Mississippi

Things To Do In Biloxi Mississippi


1 How To Mississippi Mud Pie

We stopped in Biloxi for Mississippi Mud Pie at the Palace Bakery. For once, Yelp has let us down, so do yourself a favor and avoid eating there. Mary Mahoney's old French mansion, according to Esser, is where she is! When a reader visited, it was not available, according to him. So, before you go, phone ahead to see if she's on the menu.

Learn more about the dessert and where to find it. We'll have to go back and get this dessert.

2 O'keefe Art Museum

This art museum, known as the "Mad Potter of Biloxi," focuses on the pottery of George E. Ohr. Annette O'Keefe, wife of former Biloxi Mayor Jeremiah O'Keefe Sr., played a major part in contributing and obtaining funds to build the campus, inspired the name O'Keefe.

The architecture is also worth seeing, as there are five Frank Gehry-designed buildings on the property. On-site pottery lessons are also available.

3 Shrimping

Take a real shrimp fishing trip along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. You will learn about the region's shrimp fishing history and how the shrimp are caught. There are various companies that offer this service, and it is preferable to schedule ahead of time.

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4 Museum Of The Maritime Industry And Fish Products

Water is a significant part of Biloxi's past and present. This museum not only covers nautical history, but also the fishing business, which includes shrimp, oysters, recreational fishing, and other topics.

5 Biloxi Beach

You'll discover your spot on the 26 kilometers of beach that run along Beach Blvd. The soft white sand makes it the ideal area to relax on the beach or play in the water while being in the middle of everything aquatic. Furthermore, it is one of the top outdoor activities in Biloxi. Because the majority of casinos and hotels are on the beach, you are usually within walking distance.

6 Hurricane Memorial Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters in US history, and it had a significant impact on this city. Many of the cities that were impacted the hardest in 2005 are still rebuilding. This sculpture, depicting high tide, is dedicated to those who died as a result of the hurricane.

It's a fast pit stop and one of the greatest free things to do in Biloxi.

7 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Have fun with all the rock'n "Go ahead and look for a restaurant, try your luck at the casino, or just walk about and look at the hotel. If you plan on staying here, be sure to visit the gulf view pool.

8 Biloxi Lighthouse

Built in 1848, this cast iron lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It was run by civilians from 1848 until 1939 and is notable for having many lights.

During Hurricane Katrina, a third of the lighthouse was destroyed, and many windows were shattered. It reopened for visitors in 2010 after considerable restoration work. Every morning, tours of the lighthouse are available, or you can simply enjoy it from the outside.It's well worth the trip and one of the top sights in Biloxi for photographers. Don't miss out on seeing the Biloxi Lighthouse!

9 Visit the Biloxi Lighthouse! Biloxi

The Biloxi Lighthouse is a well-known landmark and one of the city's most popular tourist attractions. The lighthouse, which was completed in 1848, was one of the first cast iron lighthouses in the South and was operated by local citizens until it was taken over by the US Coast Guard in 1939.

Hurricane Katrina inflicted enormous damage and is a symbol of the city's tenacity in the face of hardship.

10 Honoring those who died during Hurricane Katrina

After Hurricane Katrina, Biloxi was one of the hardest devastated cities. The storm destroyed its casinos and damaged its famed lighthouse, killing hundreds of tourists. Extreme Makeover cast members constructed a 12-foot-tall tribute to memorialize the lives lost and mark the devastation wrought by the disaster in 2006.

11 Attend A Biloxi Shuckers Game

A Biloxi Shuckers baseball game at MGM Park is an excellent way to spend time in the area. Minor league baseball games are always more fun than major league games, and the Biloxi AA League, often known as the Biloxi Shucker, is fantastic!

The arena has a seating capacity of 6,000 people, and on game days, local fans flock to support the home team. MGM Park presents concerts, shows, and other special events when you're not enjoying America's favorite pastime.

12 Bask On The Beach

Although Biloxi Beach is a lovely sandy beach with clear blue waves, it's worth going a little further.

Ship Island, approximately an hour's boat journey from the main beach, is a favorite swimming spot.

Best Restaurants in Biloxi, According to Us

12 Things To Do In Biloxi Mississippi: Best Travel Guide


Our favorite restaurant in Biloxi is White Pillars. In 2020, Chef Austin Sumrall was voted Best Chef in the South by James Beard. Enjoy his incredible shrimp and grits, roasted duck, pig belly, seafood tower, and other dishes. Buy local French hermit oysters if you can find them! The gorgeous traditional walnut furniture at the White Pillars Bar was recovered from a Chicago hotel.

US Gulf Coast Travel Tip: Purchase a unique Mississippi Coast souvenir such as a wooden roux spoon or cutting board (wooden local) or a tongula (hybrid forceps/spatula). White Pillar Sous chef Mike Macy created this dish.

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What is the best month to go to Biloxi Mississippi?

The greatest time to visit Biloxi is from November to April, when hotel rates are lower and the weather is milder.

Is it worth going to Biloxi Mississippi?

Biloxi, popularly known as the "Southern Playground," has all you need for a fun-filled vacation. This city has it all, from world-class casinos to championship golf courses and white sand beaches. If you need help organizing a trip to Biloxi, things to do in biloxi mississippi, keep reading!

Do you get free drinks in Biloxi?

Most casinos, like Hard Rock Casino Biloxi and Beau Rivage, provide complimentary drinks to all patrons who actively gamble. When you play slot machines, gaming tables, roulette, or any other casino gambling game, you will receive free drinks.

Can you get around Biloxi without a car?

There are numerous ground transportation alternatives, including individual taxi firms, nationally contracted car rental companies, limousine services, buses and coaches. The Coast Transit Authority provides safe, convenient, and affordable transportation services throughout Biloxi, Gulfport, and Ocean Springs.

Is Biloxi beach swimmable?

The water temperature is great for swimming when it is warmer in the city. The average water temperature at Biloxi Beach is 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer and over 70 degrees Fahrenheit for much of April and October, as seen in the graph on the right.

Can you drink the water in Biloxi Mississippi?

Tap water supplied by this water company met federal health criteria for drinking water in the most recent quarter examined by the EPA in the United States (January 2021 - March 2021).

Can you Visit Biloxi on a Budget?

Yes. Biloxi may be visited on a budget. Biloxi is a popular holiday destination because of its world-class casinos and stunning beaches. Biloxi, believe it or not, is one of the most affordable coastal cities in the United States, making it ideal for budget-conscious visitors. A wide range of low-cost activities make it simple to discover what the Mississippi shore has to offer.

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