Dubai is considered one of the most luxurious places to visit. While the general consensus is that Dubai can be expensive, you can still enjoy some of the Free Things To Do In Dubai. Here is our list of free activities to do in Dubai, the city of extravagance.

Finding free activities in Dubai is the key to saving on your budget and earning money for make your trip a success. Dubai is considered by some to be the playground of the rich and is a rich and fascinating country.

12 Free Things To Do In Dubai: What You Need To Know?

Free Things To Do In Dubai


1 Free entry to the Camel Museum

Still in the Al Shindagha neighborhood, the Camel Museum is another place to visit for free . Free Things To Do In Dubai. Several areas of the museum are dedicated to the history of camels in the UAE, camel-Arab relations, camel racing and camel anatomy. It also houses an auditorium for presentations. 

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2 Free films Under the Stars

Don't you want to leave? Sunday evening? Evening to watch a movie during a trip to Dubai; Would you do it now? 

3 Watch for free Discover l 'Dubai Aquarium

Home to the world's largest acrylic panel, the enormous aquarium is next on our list of places to visit for free in Dubai.

4 Free entry to the Corniche from Jumeirah beach

Jumeirah Beach Corniche is a new entry in the list of free tourist places in Dubai. It offers 800 meters of beach, jogging path, showers, children's play areas and shaded picnic areas. 

5 Free Tours of the Gold and Spice Souks

The lively and ancient souk in the Deira district is one of the most popular Places To Visit In Dubai For Free. The ancient market is famous for products that shine with gold, spices of all kinds, exotic incense and merchants' pashmina shawls. But that doesn't mean it costs nothing to wander around the market.

6 Pehlwani Rings

Beyond Also, one of the best things to do for free in Dubai is to watch local wrestling. Every Friday, hundreds of workers of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin gather to witness the courageous fight for glory.

7 free dances with captivating numbers

Shabby chic atmosphere, leather sofas and large lamps: these are the characteristics attributed to Société Dubai. Visit the newly opened nightclub on Friday evenings and enjoy the best hits of the 80s and 90s. And yes, entry is free!

8 Search Blessing Church International at Emirates Baptist for free

Search Blessing Church International at Emirates Baptist for free


The EBCI community is very diverse and is made up of people of many nationalities, including families and children of all ages, young people and singles. Even if they choose to attend or join a Baptist church, they have different denominational backgrounds in their home country. Since all members and participants live abroad, they live in the country because they work there.

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9 water sports for free at Kite Beach

Kite Beach is not just a simple destination tourist. Popular place but locals still love this place. It is located at the intersection of Al Manara Road and the name of the beach corresponds to the type of activities that can be carried out there. The wide variety of water sports and kitesurfing makes up for the incredible activities enjoyed by most tourists throughout the year. The flawless white texture of the soft sand will surely delight your heart and soul. From here, the Burj-Al-Arab is clearly visible.

10 Free visit to the Coffee Museum

If you are a coffee lover, you can't miss this coffee shop in Dubai. Entrance is free and upon entering you will be transported to the world of coffee. In the museum you can learn about the history of coffee and observe its different varieties. It also houses bar-related items, including books and more, and is one of Dubai's free attractions.

11 Watch flamingos for free

Be Discover how flamingos in Dubai are one of the best free things to do in Dubai and the best part is that you can do it for free. Flamingos abound near Ras Al Khor Road in Dubai. Also, if you want to see them up close, visit Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve, which is free. There are hides where you can take binoculars and observe the magnificent birds. This is one of the best free things to do in Dubai with kids!

12 free rides on an Abra boat

If you are looking for cheap activities in Dubai, try an Abra boat trip on Dubai Creek. Abra boats are small wooden boats known for offering affordable excursions.

Frequently asked questions

Are things free in Dubai?

Places To Visit In Dubai For Free


There are lots of free things to do in this area of ​​Dubai, from gallery exhibitions to shopping, and it's a great way to immerse yourself in culture without spending any money. Plus, there are plenty of Instagram-style places scattered everywhere.

What is the most cheapest thing in Dubai?

What is cheap in Dubai? Camel milk chocolate, Dubai dates, bakhoor, attar, gold, coffee, etc. These are some of the cheapest items in Dubai. There are many places to shop and the choice of things in Dubai is so varied that you have to make a choice.

Is it cheaper to buy clothes in Dubai?

While electronics may be cheaper in Dubai due to lower tax rates, clothing and food may be more expensive due to costs import and luxury brands. Luxury items can also be cheaper in Dubai thanks to duty-free shopping.

How much is taxi from Dubai Mall to airport?

The fastest way from Dubai Mall to Dubai Airport (DXB) is to take a taxi, which costs between AED 140 and AED 180 and takes 11 minutes .

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