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Storchen Zurich Lifestyle Boutique Hotel: A Complete Guide

Aerial Panoramic of Skaneateles Lake and Village

The magnific 5- star hostel Storchen Zürich lifestyle boutique hotel enjoys a remarkable position right on the Limmat River in Zürich’s charming Old Town quarter just a short walk from the select exchange shopping avenue, the fiscal area and the angle Gross Munster Church. The hostel’s commodious guest apartments boast great views, an elegant décor of stylish fittings and a wide range of exclusive services with Wi- Fi internet access and climate switch.

The shorefront café features an out-of-door gallery
overseeing the Old Town, the classy sofa bar offers live piano acting, whilst Starcher’s foodie Cafe La Spit serves an beautiful menu of Swiss and French fortes in an intimate' Guild house' air.

Hotel Services And Setting Up:

  1. Hostel installations
  2. 24-hour frontal office
  3. Room Service
  4. Business Centre
  5. Babysitting Services
  6. Deck
  7. Auto Reimbursement
  8. Concierge
  9. Currency Exchange
  10. Fitness Centre
  11. Lounge/ Bar
  12. Restauran

Which area to stay in Zurich?

Storchen Zürich Lifestyle Boutique Hotel: A Complete Guide


Switzerland is one state that, without fail, ranks largely on many “stylish- of” travel lists. Why? Just crack open a trip book or do a quick Google hunt and you ’ll be startled by the beauty and splendour that this small nation has to offer. With the idyllic, grand mounts standing in the related, Switzerland is your final European country. From its small, medieval- style municipalities, extensive blue lakes, green fields and silly food and drink, there’s service for everyone to love. Switzerland is also a country for comers, alpinists and joy- activists who want to take in breath- taking views.
Where to stay in Zurich Best Areas & Neighbourhoods.

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City Centre, stylish area to stay in Zurich

Zurich’s City Centre is at the heart of the megacity itself and is an incredibly lively and atmospheric area.
Standing proudly on both sides of the Limmat River, City Centre is a bare 6 long hauls from Zurich Airport. So, if you ’re fresh off a aeroplane and ready to take in the sights, chancing housing then's a great bet.

Filled to the brim with rich, major armature, antique coffee shops and superb shopping, City Centre offers visitors a lot of options for fun. And, as the fiscal centre of Switzerland, Zurich storchen Zürich lifestyle boutique hotel also has a hustling expert scene.

There’s no telling what you may find while tromping along the major streets and cobblestoned paths.
Start off your day by traveling Zurich’s Old Town, or as the Swiss call it, Altstadt. The main walkway is called Niederdorf and then you ’ll find walkers popping in and out of shops off the narrow alleys. However, you may really catch an out-of-door request with fresh yield and unique products, if you ’re visiting during the summer. At night, the scene stirs with bars and road players.

Enge (District 2)

A nature- suckers dream, leafy and lush Enge is popular with the active crowd. On any given day, you ’ll catch hardness and sunbathers playing in the water near Lake Zurich or tromping along the shorefront track taking in the sights.
As the main landscaped land in all of Zurich hotel Schweizer of Zürich, Zurich Marriott hotel, Rieterpark sits stately on a hilltop, giving stunning views of Lake Zurich and the far- down Glarner mounts.

Lang Strasse (District 4), stylish place to stay in Zurich for escapism

Lang Strasse was not always the lively, original haven it's moment. Factually, Lang Strasse was the red- light quarter of Kries (District 4), and it was not joint to see the normal sightseer there after dark.

Though it’s called the “quarter that no way sleeps, ” Lang Strasse is not all drinking and partying. Settled between the upmarket Bahnhofstrasse and the paved streets of Altstadt, Lang Strasse is a rare gem to explore.

Ries Bach – Seefeld, beautiful views and literal sights

Leafy, inhabitable and lively, Ries Bach, or District 8, is a beautiful local area near to Lake Zurich. Then, you ’ll find families with kiddies of all periods, youthful experts and expats exploring Ries Bach’s sunny thoroughfares.

Best known for its out-of-door training, Ries Bach can be spent exploring for just a couple hours or indeed a full day, with no deficit of lovely effects to see and do. Where fishers used to spend days on end husking seafood is now a busy megacity scene.

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Zurich West

Historically an artificial sector used for boat- structure and business, Zurich West is now one of Europe’s hippest neighbourhoods and an amazing place to stay in Zurich.

Building suckers will love the sword high- rises and making road bends while atmophiles will enjoy pop into upmarket boutiques and chancing curated global pieces.

What is the most beautiful neighbourhood in Zurich?

Stylish neighbourhood for must-have- see sightseer sights Zürich’s Altstadt, or Old Town, is a fascinating neighbourhood that carriages you back in time. With narrow sett thoroughfares and prettily saved medieval frame, this neighbourhood is a delight to explore.

Top Best Boutique Hotel in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland is a megacity of culture and tradition. As one of the flush metropolises in the world, it’s a smart destination for trippers from each over the world. It has a bustling escapism scene, amazing shopping openings, and some of the stylish views in Europe.
First, exchange hospices are usually lower and closer, traditionally comprised of under 100 apartments, if not smaller. These clinics also generally pay further care to design, giving them a little more charm than chain hospices or caravansaries.

Hotel Helvetia Zurich

Full of nature, Hotel Helvetia Zurich is set in a major 19th- century structure, located in Zurich’s fourth quarter. The hostel is comprised of 14 guest apartments and two luxury apartments, creating a terrain of nearness. Apartments feature kitchenettes and day beds, while standard guest rooms are clean, simple, and are decorated with banded wallpaper and a neutral palette.

Townhouse Exchange hostel

With only 23 guest rooms and three suites, Townhouse Exchange hostel Zurich provides a gemütlich and attractive oasis on your coming Zurich flight. Living up to the name, this exchange hostel is stuck around the design of an English townhouse.

Guest apartments feature quaint wallpaper created by developer’s council. These patterns sometimes match the antique cabinetwork around the unit. Unique art, fresh flowers, and ornate chandeliers around this hostel only add to the European charm and fineness.

B2 Exchange hostel

Formerly known as the Hurlimann Brewery, B2 Exchange hostel allows you to sleep where beer used to be brewed. B2 stands for “bookmark and exchange, ” which is a small group of independent civic hospices that produce ultramodern lodgement within major structures. B2 Exchange hostel is the perfect mix of literal and contemporary. High arched windows and bounded ceilings combine impeccably with ultramodern design, clean lines, and unique cabinetwork.

Alma Hotel

While both men and women are welcome then, an onsite women’s heartiness area really does put ladies first.

This property has 16 unique apartments, which were all collectively and courteously decorated. mastermind Pia Schmid precisely repaired this structure, and you could say that she succeeded.

All four bottoms of this hostel are accessible via the staircase and elevator. Although Alma Hotel doesn't have a eatery, it does serve a complimentary breakfast, and room service offering Italian cookery is available.

Marktgasse Hotel

Situated in the heart of the Altstadt, the Marktgasse Hotel could not be in a better position. Within walking distance of Gross Munster Church, Lake Zurich, the train station, the pieces, Bahnhofstrasse, and so numerous other lodestones, getting around will be a breath.

This hostel’s other fascinating features include a library, a café, and a eatery and bar with an out-of-door sundeck overlooking the Old Town.


How Many Days Are Enough To Stay In Zurich?

I indorse staying for at least many days, a minimum of 3 or 4! In Zurich, there are plenitude of effects to do and see.

What Is The Stylish Area To Stay In Zurich?

The stylish area to stay in Zurich is District 1, also known as Altstadt or Zurich Old Town. This is the megacity’s heart and where you ’ll find the most essential lodestones and conditioning. Motel One Zurich and Hotel Schweizer of Zurich are great accommodation options then!

What Is The Stylish Hotel For Families?

Still, I recommend staying in See Garten Swiss Quality Hotel! This beautiful hostel has inconceivable amenities and commodious family apartments, if you have a family trip.

How To Get Around Zurich?

There are plenitude of ways to get around Zurich public transport, hack, rent an auto, bike, or indeed on bottom since so numerous lodestones are close together.


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