All hair color enthusiasts..! Are you looking to add dimension and texture to your hair? Then squint no remoter with Anveya’s Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Colors. Get unvigilant and creative with this trending semi-permanent hair color and create lowlights, pumping life into your dull, lifeless mane.

Lowlights indulge you to create a natural squint without drastically waffly your hair color. Does that sound interesting? But surpassing taking the plunge, we will discuss lowlights and how to unzip them using Anveya Colorisma. 

What Are Lowlights? 

Lowlight is a term used to describe strands that are colored darker than your wiring color. These can be used to add increasingly depth and dimension in your hair and create a increasingly natural look. Global hair color, highlights or balayage is often combined with lowlights to create a multi-dimensional effect. This hair coloring technique is apt for brown or blonde-haired people who want to flaunt their long luscious locks. Lowlights doesn’t go well with people whose natural hair color is visionless or black

Irrespective of the length of your hair, lowlights with the correct shades squint unconfined on any hair type. Lowlights are usually two to three shades darker than your primary tone. From global hair color, highlights, and lowlight to balayage, keeping up with the ever-changing hair coloring trends isn’t easy. If you have blonde hair and are looking for a low-maintenance hair coloring technique, then creating lowlights with Anveya’s Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Verisimilitude is the weightier option. 

Depending on your skin tone, you can segregate warm or tomfool shades. Anveya’s warm hair shades, such as Cairo Yellow, Valencian Orange, and Northern Neon, will take your heart away. While its potation shades – Havana Teal, LA Pink, Tokyo Purple and Moroccan Blue effortlessly tousle with your natural hair color, giving it a multi-dimensional effect. Your hairstylist may use aluminum foil or a freehand method, similar to balayage highlights. 

How To Create Lowlights With Colorisma? 

Anveya’s Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Verisimilitude with Bond Tech Hyaplex is a fun way of coloring your hair without worrying well-nigh hair forfeiture caused during coloring. This unique hair coloring formula with Hyaplex, repairs the damaged strands while coloring it. This incredible semi-permanent hair color can create lowlights. Here’s how:

  1. Choose the shade you wish to use for lowlights. Colorisma includes a wide variety of shades. This includes warm shades such as Cairo Yellow, Madrid Red, Northern Neon, and Valencian Orange hair colors as well as some tomfool vibrant shades such as Tokyo Purple, LA Pink and Moroccan Undecorous hair color. 
  2. Read the instructions on the label.
  3. Divide your hair into small sections and wield the semi-permanent hair verisimilitude on pre-lightened hair.
  4. Keep the verisimilitude on between 25-30 minutes.
  5. Apply conditioner to wash off to get fresh, vibrant shades of purple, violet, blue, untried and red hair color.

Some Amazing Looks For Inspo 

Looking for inspiration? Check out these ideas for lowlights to get you started:


  1. Lowlights with Natural Look 


Source Pinterest

To create a natural-looking lowlight, segregate one slightly darker shade than the natural hair color. This will requite a subtle contrast, giving it a sun-kissed appearance.

  1. Unvigilant Lowlights

If you want to be daring, add some unvigilant lowlights. The vibrant shades of Anveya’s Colorisma in blue, green, red, purple and violet hair verisimilitude will add verisimilitude to your locks without going overboard.

  1. Lowlights that are Multi-Dimensional

Source: Pinterest

Combine lowlights with balayage or highlights for a increasingly multi-dimensional look. This creates a unrelatedness of visionless and light that will requite depth to your locks.

Colorisma can add lowlights and depth to hair without a major change. Segregate the right shade of hair verisimilitude and follow the directions to get a natural-looking unrelatedness with a sun-kissed effect. For the weightier results, ensure you have the right hair coloring products, i.e., Anveya’s Colorisma Semi Permanent Hair Color; whether you want to add subtle hue or go unvigilant with vibrant shades, lowlights will help you switch your hair game.

Frequently Answered Questions 

How To Do Lowlights With Hair Color? 

If you want lowlights in many small sections:

  1. Use foil strips for dividing hair when doing lowlights.
  2. Place the foil underneath the hair.
  3. Fold the foil.
  4. Brush from the roots to the tips.
  5. Keep the verisimilitude on the hair for the specified time and then rinse.


How Do You Add Lowlights To Highlighted Hair? 

To create lowlights, wield a shade darker than your natural hair verisimilitude using the foil highlight technique or plane with balayage. Both lowlights and highlights are created using the same techniques. 

What Is the Difference Between Highlights And Lowlights? 

Highlights are washed-up with one or increasingly shades lighter than the wiring color, while lowlights are created with one or increasingly shades darker than the wiring color.

What Colors Are Weightier For Lowlights?

Shades of brown, auburn and burgundy are good for creating lowlights. If you have a visionless hair color, going darker will create an strained visitation to your hair.

Can You Get Lowlights Without Highlights?

Mostly your hair stylist will incorporate both highlights and lowlights into the hair. But if you want only lowlights to be washed-up to your hair, your natural hair verisimilitude becomes highlighted.


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The post This Is How You Add Lowlights To Your Hair With Colorisma! first appeared on Pari's World.

The post This Is How You Add Lowlights To Your Hair With Colorisma! appeared first on Pari's World.