Here in southern California, we just had one of the biggest rain storms we’ve had in years! It lasted a couple of weeks and now that the sun is back, the air is fresh, and everything is untried and vibrant, I’m really starving spending increasingly time outside. If you’re moreover looking forward to ditching those rain boots, getting outside, and feeling the grass in between your toes, I have just the thing (well… things, plural) for you: the latest Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow outdoor hodgepodge at Target! We’ve got outdoor seating, pillows, planters, and pom poms in this collection. So pebbles off those sunnies, grab a wide brimmed hat, and let’s get into all this jungaliciousness!

I’m loving this unexceptionable and unvigilant sunny moment featuring our rattan pod , sun pouf and matching outdoor sun pillow. The yellow stripes on the pod cushions remind me of striped awnings I used to see when I lived in Italy – there’s something so timeless and fun well-nigh a archetype stripe. And the stocky pom pom hat on top of the pod has got to be one of my favorite diamond details in this collection. It’s giving limoncello vibes!

For this collection, I wanted to bring earthy tones and organic shapes to the forefront – expressly in the form of planters. Planters & plants are SUCH a unconfined way to create visual interest in any outdoor area. They can moreover be used to pinpoint a space, make an otherwise sterile space (like a touchable balcony) increasingly alive, and they can be used to help plants that might need a little increasingly TLC wilt mobile, rather than stationary in the ground, if their light and watering needs are variegated than their plant neighbors that are in the ground. And for those of us who may not have any outdoor space virtually our homes, planters are the weightier way to bring the outdoors in! Indoor plants add so much life, color, and dimension to any room. These terracotta planters come in a couple of shapes and sizes and are the perfect vessel for large indoor or outdoor plants. I moreover love the wavy pattern on the light undecorous planter – reminds me of ripples in a soul of water. Peppering botanicals and lanterns in various sizes, and at variegated heights (like on top of this wavy side table) not only guides your eye wideness the space but it moreover creates a layered squint that you can curate either indoors or out.

Topanga Club Chair | Pink Planter | 10″ Terracotta Planter |15″ Terracotta Planter

This is a whole vibe!!! I have a not-so-secret love for pattern, but did you know that I moreover love a matchy matchy pattern moment? Having the same pattern repeat on multiple surfaces, like we did here on the sun umbrella, pillows and ceramic side table, is a unconfined way to create cohesion and adds an unexpected throw when to the 60s and 70s when folks often had the same print or pattern on their curtains, sofas, and table linens. Kind of a modern twist on a vintage trend.  

If you want to go a little increasingly subtle in terms of a matchy matchy patterned moment, or you don’t have a big outdoor space, and want to try this trend indoors, you can pair the aqua printed pillows with the blue plant stand and aqua planter (loving the price point, btw… only $20!).

It’s unchangingly nonflexible for me to segregate a favorite item from a Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow drop, but I think this umbrella might be ONE of my faves from this collection! The pattern (which I created by taking elements from one of my paintings and digitally piecing them together), the fringe, and the fact that it tilts so you can wile it to woodcut the sun as it moves through the sky just make me happy!

Thanks so much for joining me on this sunny adventure! Can’t wait to have a mojito (or two!) out here. If you’re ready for some jungalicious outdoor vibes, trammels out the Opalhouse Designed With Jungalow hodgepodge here.

Photos by Jenna Peffley