Moving home may be a costly, hard, and stressful process, so image the planning and effort required to physically relocate a house from one plot to another. From Alexander Hamilton's restless old country mansion to a rustic stone hamlet that traveled over 11,000 miles from England to Australia, all of these incredible homes have been packed up and moved somewhere new. Henry Ford, the creator of the automobile industry, always had a unique method of addressing difficulties, including the significant logistics involved in transporting a lovely rural home over the Atlantic...

Henry Ford's Cotswold Cottage, Michigan, USA

While this lovely cottage appears to be from the English Cotswolds, it is really located in the living history museum of Greenfield Village in Michigan. Henry Ford, one of America's wealthiest men, carried the 1619 cottage across the Atlantic in 1929 after falling profoundly in love with the picturesque Cotswolds during a series of trips in the early 1920s.

Seaview Terrace, Rhode Island, USA

The two-year procedure is believed to have given attention to the ambitious project, including a mention of the 60-room mansion in Ripley's Believe It or Not, an entertainment business dedicated to the world's most extraordinary events and products. What makes the transfer even more impressive are the elements of the home that were disassembled and rebuilt, including the estate's private chapel, art gallery, a 500-seat theater, and a ballroom with elaborate details.

Cooks' Cottage, Victoria, Australia

Cooks' Cottage, Attraction, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This chocolate box home was built in a picturesque town in North Yorkshire, England, but it is currently located in Melbourne, Australia, more than 10,500 miles away. With a complex history and a spectacular voyage behind it, this beautiful home is one of the world's most intriguing pieces of architecture. Cooks' Cottage, often called Captain Cook's Cottage, was built in 1755 by the parents of British adventurer Captain James Cook.

Cooks' Cottage, Victoria, Australia

According to Great Ayton Parish Council, the Cooks purchased the property at Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, for "twenty-six lawfull shillings" and built two cottages, one for themselves and one to rent out. After his wife Grace died in 1772, James Cook senior relocated to Redcar on the Yorkshire Coast. In 1907, the Dixon Brothers, who ran a grocery shop in Great Ayton, bought both homes and rented them out. Unfortunately, virtually all of the western cottage was demolished in 1928 to enlarge Easby Lane.

Hamilton Grange, New York, USA

The National Park Service acquired the site in 1889 and chose to relocate the home to Convent Avenue in Harlem (shown), as new, tall buildings began to overshadow the valuable historic landmark. In June 2008, the National Park Service planned to relocate the residence once more. The structure was transferred two blocks away on a green hillside parcel in St. Nicholas Park, West Harlem, which was previously part of Hamilton's property.

Harriet F. Rees House, Illinois, USA

An incredible feat: Moving the Harriet F. Rees House | Chicago Architecture  Center

This Romanesque Revival limestone palace was erected in 1888 on Prairie Avenue, which was once one of Chicago's most exclusive residential neighborhoods. It was one of the last family homes built on the block, and it was squeezed into a tiny plot that was only 24 feet wide. However, by 2012, it was one of just seven historic residences left on the once-affluent street, and the only one on its block. So what happened?

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Age Croft Hall, Virginia, USA

When Adam and Cecily died of the bubonic plague, often known as the Black Death, in 1349, their granddaughter, Margaret, inherited it. Margaret, tragically, died of the plague shortly after. When the Irwell Valley coal mines opened in the nineteenth century, railway tracks were built across the estate, eventually leading to its abandonment. By the twentieth century, the huge property had fallen into ruin. This shot depicts the original Agecroft Hall in Pendlebury, before it was abandoned to deteriorate.

Thomas Isaac Log Cabin, Maryland, USA

Then, in 2018, a water pipe failed close by, causing flash flooding and extreme damage to the property. So, the tumbledown shack was temporarily moved to a parking lot, while the infrastructure at Ellicott Mills Drive was reconstructed. Expert House Movers took on the job, lifting the cabin using maneuverable dollies and placing it on the back of a truck. The structure sat in its temporary location for 10 months, before it was returned to its former plot.

Unique Timber Home, Queensland, Australia

Our Top Ten Australian Timber Houses | Hunting for George

It is distinct and roomy, with a timber frame and a corrugated iron roof, as well as an interior filled with unique design touches. Fiona discovered the house for sale in Brisbane's New Farm suburb and immediately recognized its potential. But she already had a block of property in Brookfield, a charming residential area on the opposite side of the city, some 12 miles distant.