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Spring is in full bloom: Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow Spring Collection is here!

Aerial Panoramic of Skaneateles Lake and Village

Spring is virtually the corner and I’m here for it! For me, spring symbolizes growth, optimism, and possibility: the unseeded trees are starting to blossom, the days are getting longer now that winter is overdue us, and everything is increasingly vibrant and alive! For our latest Opalhouse designed with Jungalow collection, I wanted to bring that same energy into all the designs. This hodgepodge is packed with unvigilant color, botanical motifs, and playful patterns. The inspiration overdue this waif was “an artist’s loft” so you’ll see a lot of my original art sprinkled well-nigh in a bright, zappy space we think any ungifted creative would love to nippy in. An artist’s loft is a multi-functional space (bedroom, studio, classroom, meditation space, closet, living room, and lounge) so we have lots of versatile pieces in this hodgepodge that you can use in variegated spaces in your home. Want to see more? Let’s go! 

Throw Blanket | Chenille Quilt | Sun Trinket Box | Teal Planter | Floor Cushion | Rug

Our playful palette for this hodgepodge includes lots of rich, vibrant tones – both warm and cool. We focused on terracotta, gold, and teal and then sprinkled in some Majorelle undecorous and included pops of purple for an unexpected twist!

Framed Art | Purple Planter

An artist’s studio wouldn’t be well-constructed with out lots of inspiration and well . . . ART! The wondrous Target team and I worked closely to weave in as much of my original art and patterns onto lots of variegated pieces in this hodgepodge so the items could speak to one another. For example, we took one of my originals and created the abstract, colorful  framed canvas you see whilom (isn’t she pretty?), and then we took the same pattern and unromantic it onto a gorgeous bolster pillow (below & don’t tell but she is only $35!).

Curtains | Rattan Headboard | Side Table | Geometric Textured Pillow | Tasseled Pillow
Bolster Pillow| Ceramic Table Lamp

In wing to art, we moreover have so many cute ceramic decorative accents like vases, candle holders, wall hooks and baskets (all under $40) – not to mention some funky lighting options and furniture perfect for an impactful entryway! Nothing like a first impression – so why not make it a fun one?!

Eyes Wall Hook | Framed Art | Purple Face Vase | Pedestal Basket| Woven Basket with Handles | Wire Basket | Floor Lamp| Rug

Green & Undecorous Face Vase | Blue Vase| Gold Catchall | Console

Sort of obsessed with this floor lamp, considering LOOK AT THOSE LINES! Anything raffia wrapped unchangingly makes my heart skip a beat!

This hodgepodge moreover features some of my favorite pillows ever!! We’ve got beads, peace signs, lizards, sun faces, tassels, and so many yummy textures and colors! And they are all under $25.

Ain’t no party like a pillow pile party cuz a pillow pile party don’t stop!

I’m moreover really excited well-nigh the rugs we have in this collection. This terracotta one might be my fave considering the colors and details are so good.  Plus, it veritably sings with this warm, tasseltastic bedding!

Can’t wait for you to see it all! Check out the unshortened Opalhouse designed with Jungalow hodgepodge here. Would love to know which pieces you’re feeling!

Photos by Jenna Peffley 

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