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What To Eat While Visiting Savannah, Georgia: Best Food in Savannah

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In this blog, you are going to learn the best food in savannah. While planning a trip to Georgia, you absolutely must include Savannah, the city that embodies Southern charm, is absolutely gorgeous, and of course, has plenty of delicious food options to choose from. Coming from modern day Georgia and South Carolina, Savannah offers up Lowcountry food: inexpensive southern comfort food made with local ingredients. Here are some dishes you absolutely must try while you’re visiting Savannah.

What To Eat In Savannah?

Shrimp & Grits

While it doesn’t sound like anything fancy, as it literally is shrimp on grits, this dish is an incredible option for breakfast. The savory and satisfying dish provides plenty of protein and carbs to keep you full for the whole day, which you’ll be spending exploring around best food in savannah.

What To Eat While Visiting Savannah, Georgia


Shrimp & Grits

Biscuits & Gravy

You absolutely cannot visit the South without having biscuits and gravy at least once. While it is typically served at breakfast, you can enjoy it later in the day as well. Those delicious buttermilk biscuits served warm with a generous drizzle of gravy is sure to hit the spot. If you go to Treylor Park, you’ll also get a nice piece of fried chicken in between. Delicious!


Pralines are a fantastic dessert option that are a cross between a cookie and a piece of candy. They’re made out of pecans, sugar, cream, and butter. Need we say more? Originally from New Orleans, praline is now quite popular in best restaurants in savannah on the river.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Green tomatoes are fried in cornmeal and are often served as appetizers or as part of another dish. If you visit The Old Pink House, you’ll find fried green tomatoes in their delicious BLT salad

Banana Pudding

This simple yet delicious dessert is a classic for a reason. You’ll also find banana cream pie, which is quite similar, and will be topped with meringue.


What food is famous in Savannah?

Broiled Green Tomatoes. This basic brilliant side topped in notoriety when the film "Seared Green Tomatoes" turned out in 1991. ...
Shrimp and Corn meal. ...
Chatham Gunnery Punch. ...
Pralines. ...

Is Savannah known for its food?

Our food and spirits are widely popular and very assorted. Dive into extra-fresh seared chicken, real shrimp and corn meal, finger-licking-great grill thus significantly more.

How much does food cost in Savannah?

While feast costs in Savannah can shift, the typical expense of food in Savannah is $58 each day. 

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