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A Complete Guide To Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Reviews

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Here, you are reading Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady reviews step-by-step. get to know more information about the virgin voyages right below. 

The ship made its debut on the world stage in February 2020, but it wasn't until August 2021 that Virgin's Scarlet Lady set sail for its first cruise and began a series of trips to nowhere in short movies in the UK, before moving to Miami in autumn 2021. It's safe to say that the company's first adults-only ship (and more are on the way) divides opinions. Want trendy food, sexy night shows and a tattoo? virgin voyages scarlet lady reviews might be the right one for you. Fancy set menu dinners, formal evenings and magazine-style entertainment? Maybe look elsewhere.

Introducing the Scarlet Lady

The 110,000-ton ship includes 1,330 cabins and 78 suites and capacity for 2,770 passengers at maximum capacity. She is much smaller than newer ships from companies like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line. The scale works well; The ship doesn't feel crowded, but there are plenty of restaurants, bars and attractions on board to keep you entertained at sea.

Scarlet Lady defies categorization when it comes to prices. Their cruise fares are more comprehensive than those of traditional mass-market ships and therefore more expensive than other mainstream lines. But it doesn't have the same appeal as luxury cruise ships, which tend to appeal to wealthy, retired customers who are less active and don't like dance parties or high-end entertainment.

Experience a modern cruise for adults only on the Scarlet Lady Cruise

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Reviews


As soon as you step aboard, the ship sets the "vibe" . She enters a glass entrance that refracts the light in a stream of rainbow colors and leads to what Virgo calls the "Rotunda". A DJ plays loud records, people sit down to drink cocktails, tattooed bartenders stroll by. It's designed like a modern hotel lobby rather than a typical cruise ship atrium.

Scarlet lady cruise ship feels more like a W Hotel than a cruise ship, from the mood lighting in the hallways and stateroom layouts to the main reception and dining rooms. However, she manages to cleverly combine this with nautical touches and a nod to tradition. The waterfront deck, for example, surrounds the ship (uncommon on modern ships), but it is not an empty space with few places for sunbeds: it is equipped with armchairs, bars and restaurants, creating a lively atmosphere on a warm Caribbean night . 

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Several Activities, Cabins, And Restaurants On Scarlet Lady Have Been Carefully Considered By Virgin Voyages

Virgin style isn't just for show. Particular attention has been paid to the food, which is exceptional. There is no main dining room and each restaurant has its own kitchen, its own chef and its own team, meaning the food and service are exceptional. We were really impressed with the quality and variety, from Test Kitchen's molecular gastronomy (our favourite) to Korean Gunbae BBQ, vegetarian Razzle Dazzle and The Galley, essentially a seaside dining room.

The entertainment surprised us: a show called Duel Reality, which is a variation of Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story, with some of the most, if not the most, surprising shows. Waterfalls we have never seen before. And it's engaging when you're sitting in the front row.

Drinks on Virgin Voyages

A Una One of the most frequently asked questions when planning a cruise is: are drinks included? Virgin Voyages goes a step further by offering all passengers a range of complimentary basic drinks, including branded soft drinks. This is a step above the standard offering of water, tea and coffee on most other lines.

Alcoholic drinks must be purchased separately and are not including drinks or drink packages. offered. . . However, Virgin Voyages' drink costs are comparable to other cruise lines, and prices include tips, so there are no surprises when you pay the bill.

Scarlet Dame Health and Safety

For the latest information on Virgin Voyages' health and safety protocols, including those relating to COVID-19, please visit Cruise Wellness from the cruise line. You can also get the latest information on the world's best cruise lines by checking out Cruise Critic's guide to vaccination and testing requirements.

What's special on Virgin Voyages?

A hammock on the balcony

I often have the impression that balconies are a waste of space. They're great for checking the weather, drying swimsuits, and having breakfast in your room, but I rarely spend much time with them. This is usually because the chairs are straight and made of metal (or metal mesh and plastic) and the patio is small and you don't feel comfortable.

No, so with a network. I'm six feet tall and can stretch out completely in one of Scarlet Lady's ethically sourced bright red hammocks. The swing of the hammock combined with the rocking of the boat in the sea, especially in the early morning when the sun was low and the temperature was perfect, was incredibly relaxing. I thought about how I could spend more time in the hammock instead of just forgetting that I had a balcony while I was busy on the boat.


virgin voyages scarlet lady reviews spaces on board a large ship and I I absolutely loved all the cozy corners I found on board. Sometimes these corners were hidden bars, like the Dock House Bar, just off the main street. Or perhaps they were beautiful seating areas, like the curtained tables in the bar or the lounge chairs on the outdoor terraces.


I'm a Broadway fan and always go to cruise shows. Unless it's a real Broadway show (which is at NCL or Royal Caribbean), I usually leave or turn off the show before it ends.

Scarlet Lady Entertainment impressed me with its innovation and quality. The dancers were incredible; They moved around the stage as if they were performing on So You Think You Can Dance (or some other televised dance competition) and not as if they were at their child's school dance recital. “Dual Reality,” the Romeo and Juliet-themed show, was the first acrobatic performance on a cruise ship I had ever seen with a compelling story; Many cruise ships throw silk dancers into the air just because they can. The way the interaction between the production and the artists attracted the audience was original and brilliant.

Restaurant concept

I'm not a traveler who likes the main dining room. I prefer specialty restaurants with individual menus, decor and atmosphere. But I also hate paying more for meals when the food is already included. In this sense the concept of the Virgin restaurant seems perfect to me.

Scarlet Lady does not have a main dining room or buffet. Instead, you can book dinner at one of the six restaurants or have a more casual meal at the pizzeria, the dining room, the snack bar (which offers chicken wings and hot dogs) or The Dock and Dock House Lounge with its menu of half. . I loved eating somewhere different every night: filet mignon at the elegant and upscale The Wake one night, experimental dishes at the Test Kitchen the next, or a shared Korean barbecue at Gunbae.

What are the problems with Virgin Voyages?

Lack of direction

Scarlet Lady is a ship aimed at independent travelers who don't need to hold hands or who want a cruise director to tell them what to do (there aren't any). While I appreciated the lack of announcements over the intercom or at the end of the show, I found it easy to miss something on board.

No buffet

No, I'm not normally a fan of cruise buffets, but a five-day cruise on the Scarlet Lady made me appreciate them again.

Virgin Voyages is firmly against self-service. Neither his boats nor his private beach club in Bimini, Bahamas, offer buffets. The Scarlet Lady buffet will be replaced by The Galley, a dining room with several themed stations. Instead of ordering at the counter, you find a seat, call a waiter and place your order, which will be brought to you when it's ready.

Scarlet Cabins and Ladies' Suites

Scarlet Lady offers the usual mix of windowless interior staterooms, ocean-view rooms with large non-opening windows, private balcony staterooms and spacious suites. Cruise Rooms sleep one to four guests and have twin beds that can be combined into queen beds and upper bunk beds. The similarities end there.

My room was a seaside terrace, also known as a standard balcony room. The IKEA inspired furniture and modern decor made the room feel like a modern micro-hotel. For example, the bed is modular. On the long wall of the cabin there was a fabric headboard and a narrow white platform with a thick armrest.

Scarlet Lady restaurants and bars

Scarlet Lady is full of restaurants and bars, and you might not be able to try them all in one trip. Do your research beforehand because it's easy to miss some places if you don't look for them. Eating and drinking is one of the highlights of your time on board, so you should visit as many bars and restaurants as possible.


The ship takes an unconventional approach to cruise dining: there is a main dining room, buffets and restaurants at no additional cost. This way, your onboard dining experience will feel like a trip to land, but you won't have to read as many Yelp reviews. You'll likely eat somewhere new every night, usually with a bar attached for pre-dinner drinks, and you'll need to book in advance or take advantage of the early or late arrival option. I liked both the food and the variety of options.


Virgin Voyages does not it does sell drink packages like typical cruise lines do. Instead, you can pre-purchase a Bar Tab, an onboard credit that can only be used for drinks on the ship and at Virgin's Bimini Beach Club in the Bahamas. Look for pre-order offers that include a free bar of a certain value or that offer extra cash on top of what you paid up front.

Scarlet Lady - Activities

Scarlet Lady does not overwhelm you with planned activities while the ship is at sea. Instead, the ship becomes your playground, which you can enjoy as long as you want.

You can play sports and have fun on the upper decks (15 – 17) . On Deck 15 Aquatic Club you will find a standard pool and a spa pool (essentially a large hot tub) surrounded by loungers and lounge chairs. Additional sunbathing space is found on a terrace, including the Athletic Club bar at the rear of the ship, where you can sit in round lounge chairs or a suspended catamaran hammock and enjoy the view of the wake below.

Scarlet Lady shows and evenings

Scarlet Lady is excellent at entertaining, both at shows and parties. On many cruises I go to a show, sit in the back and leave 10 minutes later. At Virgin I was completely enthralled during the show and often mesmerized by the experience. I appreciate that the show has hired actors that are diverse in terms of race, size, and gender expression, and that its shows aren't afraid of adult language and sexual themes (both gay and straight).

I was also impressed by the way the cruise company organizes parties and events that everyone participates in. On other cruise ships, a deck party might attract a few hundred guests, but on Virgin's Scarlet Night, almost everyone is present.

Scarlet and Price itineraries Lady

Scarlet Lady is currently based in Miami, where the ship sails four routes to the Bahamas and Caribbean. Each of the four- and five-day cruises spends a day at Virgin's private beach club in Bimini, Bahamas.

In April 2024, the ship will embark on an epic 14-day transatlantic cruise to Barcelona, ​​​​which will take place at least in the Scarlet Lady's base of operations. Until October 2024. From Spain it will sail seven-day cruises to ports in Italy, Spain and the French Riviera, all with overnight stays on the party island of Ibiza.

What you need to know before you travel

Required Documents

If you need them As a U.S. citizen During a of Scarlet Lady visits to Miami, bring a valid passport or an official copy of your birth certificate, as well as require a driver's license or other government-issued photo identification to navigate.


Virgin Voyages includes tips for crew in its prices. You can tip the waiter or flight attendant extra if you think they earned more, but it's not necessary.

You might want something. Bring cash and a tip. To the porters who carry your luggage from the pier to the ship and to the tour guides who lead your private or ship-sponsored tour in port.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the ship and free access applies to two connected devices per guest. If you want to stream music and videos, you can purchase a paid upgrade to a premium Wi-Fi plan, subject to availability.

Drinks related to cabin policy

Virgin Voyages treat passengers who bring drinks on board wisely. Each passenger is entitled to up to 12 sealed cans or boxes of 12 ounces or less of non-alcoholic beverages (water, sports drinks, sodas, non-alcoholic beer, etc.) and two 750-ml bottles of wine.

Tobacco regulations

Passengers are allowed to smoke only (this excludes). Vaping) in the smoking lounge on Deck 6 next to the Red Room and in a designated outdoor area on the starboard side of Deck 16 near the entrance to Richard's Roof.


Virgin Voyages ships do not have self-service bathrooms. However, it is possible to send individual items of clothing to be ironed, washed and folded, or washed and ironed. You also have the option to wash and fold an entire bag of clothes for a flat fee.


All cabins are equipped with North American, USB and universal (Europe, UK and several other countries) outlets.

Dress Code

Virgin Voyages does not have an official dress code. The line advises passengers to arrive as they are, in a bright dress or jeans and T-shirt. However, the average passenger wants to look elegant and fashionable even in casual clothes. Most people wear something nicer to dinner, but there are no official formal evenings on board.

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