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This App Will Help You Maximize Your Unused Travel Rewards

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A lot of us have a fair bit of unused credit card and airline points that we don’t take advantage of that can actually expire if left too long. It’s a shame not to use these up, but it is quite easy to forget about them. Nerdwallet is a tool that can help you take full advantage and make your travel a little more affordable.

Nerdwallet Makes It Easy To Keep Track Of What You're Entitled To

Nerdwallet Makes It Easy To Keep Track Of What You’re Entitled To

Nerdwallet has unveiled a new tool that is specifically designed to help use unused points by showing travelers which partners accept points and which will take you the farthest.

Company representatives shared: “We built a tool that allows you to input the points/miles that you have and where you want to go, and we’ll give you our recommendations based on our nerdy research of which partner airline likely offers the best value for your points.”

You can click on the places where you hold points (including Delta, Chase, United, Capital One, and more) and then click on where you’re interested in traveling to. The system will then tell you where you can use your miles and whether you can use them on the credit card or airline hub or if you should transfer them to a partner.

Use Your Travel Points Before They Expire

Nerdwallet says: “Transferring AmEx Membership Rewards to the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is a great option for flying to Europe from the U.S., as awards cost as few as 10,000 points each way to fly between the northeastern part of the U.S. to the U.K. in economy or 17,500 points in premium class.”

The company continued: “Just watch out, as Virgin points bookings may also incur a cash fee that can be high. You can also use your Flying Club points to book partner awards with Flying Blue (Air France/KLM) and Delta, which opens up more opportunities from airports across the U.S.”

When it comes to ANA, it says that the program “offers one of the cheapest business class awards to Europe. You can pay 55,000 miles round-trip for economy. Or, upgrade to business class for just 88,000 miles round-trip. You can fly on United, Lufthansa, or any other Star Alliance partner once you have your points in ANA’s Mileage Club. Even better, you can book a free stopover.”

Use Nerdwallet To Make The Most Of Your Points

Use Nerdwallet To Make The Most Of Your Points

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