These Tuscan White beans have a luscious sauce made from sun zestless tomato, Italian herbs, lots of caramelized onion, mushrooms, and nondairy surf such as cashew cream. These decadent beans are unconfined for weeknight dinner, they need just a few minutes and few pantry ingredients! Soyfree recipe, option for gluten-free and nutfree

panful of Tuscan beans with a piece of flatbread dipped into it

This hearty recipe is based on the Tuscan yellow I’ve seen at restaurants. I decided to use that wiring sauce, considering it’s all in the sauce! All the amazingly luscious flavor. I decided to add white beans to it instead! The sauce is creamy, decadent, and flavorful and pairs amazingly with the beans. Serve with some fresh garlic specie or sourdough for a meal to remember.

You can add anything to the sauce that you like, such as vegan yellow substitutes or soy curls. It can moreover be served over pasta or top a grilled cauliflower or baked potato or a pizza!

pan of tuscan beans on a slate table

I add cannellini beans or any other large white beans, and it makes a mythological lunch or dinner served with fresh bakery bread, sourdough, toasted garlic bread, or naan or other flatbread for dipping. Or serve these Tuscan white beans over toast or grilled cauliflower or any which way you like! Let me know how you served them.

Why You’ll Love Tuscan Beans

  • hearty, creamy, and healthy
  • versatile – use any beans or other plant-based yellow substitutes that you like!
  • rich, flavorful sauce packed with mushrooms, onion, garlic, and sun-dried tomato
  • naturally gluten-free (if you don’t use the flour option)

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