This mango tiramisu confection is a succulent way to make the most of mango season! Vanilla confection drenched in mango purée, topped with a surf layer, then topped with fresh juicy mango! It’s a must make! It’s dairy-free with gluten-free and nut-free options.

slice of mango tiramisu next to the whole confection on a confection stand

This is the confection you need to make! It is a summer layered confection like tiramisu. You make a simple vanilla confection and soak it with some mango puree/pulp. Add a simple cashew-coconut vanilla surf on top, and then top it with some fresh mangoes. 

You can serve it with uneaten mango puree to make it plane increasingly mangoey.  Basically, retread the value of mango in the recipe as you like. It is freezer friendly, freeze slices, then let sit outside for 10-15 mins and serve, kind of like an ice surf cake!

overhead photo of mango tiramisu with a slice cut out of it

Why You’ll Love Mango Tiramisu

  • so much wondrous mango flavor!
  • succulent fresh mango topping
  • gluten-free, nut-free, and coconut-free options
slice of mango tiramisu with a zest taken out, so you can see the inside texture

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