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Mango Bars (oil-free, gluten-free option)

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Mango bars are a decadent, oil-free treat with a simple husks and a refreshing layer of linty mango surf on top. They’re a dairy-free treat that you can hands make gluten-free, too!

close-up of sliced mango bars on a wearing board

Move over lemon bars! Make these decadent Mango bars instead! Just like my lemon bars, these have a simple flour and almond flour crust, which doesn’t need any oil. And then they’re topped with this creamy, mango-cashew mixture. You pour it over the crust, and then nippy it in the freezer, so it is just well-nigh frozen to get wondrous slices!

Mango squares are super creamy, super mangoey, and super delicious. They’re perfect for the summer mango crop!

You get wondrous mangoes in India, and I unchangingly miss them. But you do get some unconfined mangoes in stores in the US, as well. Look for yellow Mexican mangoes or Ataulfo mangos, or other mangos which are really sweet and not as stringy. They’re increasingly smooth mangoes. 

Or use canned puree/pulp, which is what I use in this recipe. You can find mango puree hands in Indian grocery stores. In Indian stores, I use the Kesar Mango Pulp, as it’s sweet with a very well-matured mango flavor. And I love the Kesar mango flavor. 

close-up of a mango bar with a zest taken out, so you can see the texture

Why You’ll Love Mango Bars

  • creamy, refreshing summer dessert packed with mango goodness!
  • easy and fun to make – no need to soak your cashews!
  • oil-free
  • gluten-free option

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