If you, like me, are constantly looking for the next fantastic dinner site, West Virginia has a treat for you. Now, I've eaten my fair share of dinners at restaurants you'd stroll by without looking twice, but believe me when I say that what I discovered within these doors blew my mind.

Consider this: hot dogs that go above and beyond your regular fare, a place where Jamaican vibes are as real as they get right here in the mountains, and a hidden club dedicated to sandwiches. Intrigued? You should be.

In this list, I'll discuss 11 of the most interesting restaurants in West Virginia. Each of the places we'll visit has something unique to offer, from breathtaking landscapes to cuisines that will have you planning your next trip before you've even gone. Trust me, you're in for some memorable dinners that will make you want to remain in West Virginia. Let's get started.

1. Hillbilly Hotdogs

Hillbilly Hot Dogs is one of those sights you must see to believe. This isn't your typical hot dog stand, located near Lesage and overlooking the Ohio River. Without a question, it's one of the most enjoyable dining experiences in West Virginia.

The instant you pull into the parking lot, you are greeted with a spectacle that is equal parts eccentric museum and gourmet utopia. Small buildings, school buses, and an eclectic mix of Appalachian art create the tone for a dining experience unlike any other.

2. Karubees Jamaican Restaurant

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Let me tell you about a hidden treasure I discovered in Charleston called Karubees Jamaican Restaurant. Prior to my first visit, I had little experience with Jamaican cuisine. Now? I cannot get enough of it!

Karubees is the genuine thing, due to a Jamaican owner who ensures that every dish is packed with original tastes. The menu is a colorful procession of alternatives, each one more appealing than the previous. During my visit, I had the jerk chicken and oxtails, served with rice, peas, and plantains. The chicken had just the perfect kick, and the oxtails were so delicate that they almost fell off the bone.

3. Secret Sandwich Society

Next stop is the Secret Sandwich Society in Fayetteville, and my, did this restaurant leave an impact! After a trek over the New River Gorge Bridge, stopping by here was the finest option. The atmosphere is chill, and the sandwich game is excellent.

Let us now discuss the big event: the sandwiches. They are quite extraordinary, in my view. They have plenty named after presidents and historical personalities, which I find fairly cool. I opted for the Eisenhower, which was laden of ham, garlic mayo, and cherry peppers. It was the right combination of tastes. What about the truffle fries? You have to try them—they're crispy, golden, and addicting.

4. Bahnhof WVrsthaus und Biergarten

Bahnhof WVrsthaus & Biergarten in Huntington is a must-visit, particularly if you like German food. The instant you walk into their Biergarten, you're met with such a homey atmosphere; it's like a short vacation to Germany without the travel.

I went with a few pals and began with their gigantic pretzel, which came with this incredible raspberry butter and traditional mustard - talk about an appetizer! We couldn't decide between the Jägerschnitzel and the Wienerschnitzel, so we grabbed both. It was an excellent selection! They nailed the genuine flavor, and the sauerkraut was the cherry on top.

5) The Forks

THE FORKS MARKET - Winnipeg Restaurant Listings - Peguru

After a day of trekking about Elkins, coming at The Forks was like discovering a West Virginia jewel. The patio has breathtaking mountain views, which blew me away. I really suggest coming here in the autumn, when the leaves are changing.

They keep the menu concise, which I enjoy since you know each meal will be unique. I had the prime rib, and it was delicious. Juicy, delicious, with the perfect amount of softness. Combine it with the surroundings, and you've got yourself a supper to remember.

6. Kelley Farms Kitchen

Kelley Farm Kitchen in Bolivar is a hidden treasure located near Harpers Ferry National Park, and it specializes in great plant-based comfort foods. This tiny place has just ten seats in the main area, but there is plenty of outside sitting as well.

Their cuisine is ideal for anybody seeking robust, plant-based choices. I'm talking about a steaming bowl of award-winning loaded chili, creamy mac-n-cheeze that will make you forget it's dairy-free, a juicy Impossible mushroom burger, and a spicy buffalo chicken sandwich that is brimming with flavor. Don't even get me started on the slaw; it's a side that could easily take the limelight!

7. Jim's Steak and Spaghetti House

Going inside Jim's Steak & Spaghetti House in Huntington is like entering a time machine. This establishment, which has been open since 1938, has earned its renowned position for good cause. It really captures the 50s diner ambiance, with waiters dressed in antique attire and a hostess eager to greet you. Sitting down, you can't help but feel like a part of history, particularly because you're in the same booth Kennedy sat in back in 1960!

The environment is lively, with chatting and the clinking of silverware. The walls have a gallery of previous guests, which adds to the old ambiance. Now, onto the food: the spaghetti is a highlight, with the perfect mix of ingredients. Ending the dinner with apple pie is the best way to cap off a fantastic performance.

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8. El Gran Sabor

El Gran Sabor in Elkins is a hidden treasure that really sparkles after the sun goes down. Tucked inside in an ancient home, this Venezuelan restaurant provides an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere here at night, particularly on Fridays and Wednesdays, is electrifying due to the live music that fills the air.

The cuisine is fantastic. If there is one item you must try, it's the hot shrimp soup. Every mouthful is bursting with flavor, leaving you wanting more. There's also lots of outside seating. It's the ideal setting for a supper beneath the stars.

9. Yen’s Sandwiches

Yen's Sandwiches: Best Vietnamese Food In South Charleston West Virginia

Yen's Sandwiches in South Charleston is a must-visit. It's a little establishment that can only sit around 12 people, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in taste. The proprietors, a couple from Vietnam, make some of the greatest pho I've ever had.

Their Banh Mi sandwiches are offered seven days a week and cost around $5-6. They are as genuine as can be, thanks in part to the fact that they make their own baguettes. It's a no-brainer if you're seeking for affordable food in West Virginia.

10. Prime 44 West

Prime 44 West at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs is dedicated to commemorating Jerry West. Everywhere you look, there's evidence of his great career, from his Olympic gold medal to those gleaming NBA Championship rings. For every sports fan, it's like winning the lottery.

The fish and squid ink pasta are out of this world, and if you want steak, you're in for a treat since they know how to prepare it perfectly. However, the lobster mashed potatoes were the highlight for me. That was wonderful.