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Eat Your Way Through Kansas City, Missouri: Top 10 Restaurants in Kansas

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Top 10 restaurants in kansas city for dinner, Missouri is usually known for its barbecue, there are so many more culinary delights to be had in this exciting city, many of which might surprise you. Did you know you could get incredible Vietnamese, West African, and Mexican food here? We bet you didn’t. Here’s everything you need to know about eating your way through Kansas City.

Town Company

Kansas City is such an interesting mix of Southern culture, migrant cultures blending in, and a bit industrial. This all comes together to create a unique and new energy that translates to a great food scene.

One such place is the best new restaurants in kansas city called Town Company, headed by chef Johnny Leach as well as pastry chef Helen Jo Leach. This creative couple come up with incredible dishes like smoked egg with trout roe, halibut fillet with oyster mushrooms, baby spinach salad with sunflower shoots, and strip loin topped with lobster-infused butter.

Eat Your Way Through Kansas City, Missouri

10 Great Restaurants in Kansas City

You are going to read the Top 10 restaurants in kansas city for dinner

  1. Q39 – Midtown
  2. Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room
  3. Gram & Dun
  4. Story
  5. Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar
  6. Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue
  7. Golden Ox
  8. Hay's House Restaurant & Tavern
  9. The Campground
  10. Merchants Pub & Plate

Town Company’s Johnny And Helen Jo Leach

For dessert, you can enjoy a chocolate steamed bun topped with chocolate ganache, roasted acorns, pine nuts, and cocoa bins. Helen Jo created a masterful lemon-mochi donut with salted pistachios that is to die for.

Cafe Ca Phe

If you want to enjoy a great cup of coffee, look for Cafe Ca Phe, a coffee truck owned by Jackie Nguyen. The beans come from Vietnam and feature fun twists like the Hella Good Latte featuring ube, espresso, oat milk and condensed milk.

Fannie’s African & Tropical Cuisine

Head to Fannie’s African & Tropical Cuisine to enjoy egusi soup, made with bitter-tasting melon seeds and pounded yam. Fannie Gibson, owner of the place, is from Liberia and hopes to introduce folks to traditional West African dishes.

Yoli Tortilleria

Next, make your way to Yoli Tortilleria, a Mexican joint with incredible and authentic food, a direct result of the Mexican migration to the city. Sample the pork fat Sonoran flour tortillas with salsa macha morita.

If you want to go all out, try the spectacular 10-course dinner at Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room, led by chef Michael Corvino. Here you can have modern American dishes served against a backdrop of the open concept kitchen and with fun, lively music.

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