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Club Sandwich with Tofu Cold Cuts

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A veggie- and protein-packed vegan club sandwich is the perfect summer lunch or dinner! The homemade tofu deli meat is easy to make and full of flavor.

vegan club sandwich with veggies and tofu deli meat on a wooden wearing board

This is THE Summer Sandwich! It is easy and refreshing with lots of fresh, crunchy veggies — lettuce, cucumbers, and peppers — and a quick tofu deli meat which has a ton of flavor. It is super simple. 

You just slice up your tofu, make this succulent marinade, skim all over, and bake. Meanwhile, chop up all of the veggies that you want in your vegan club sandwich.

Make a super quick vinaigrette to drizzle over the crunchy veggies, then just layer the tofu meat and all of those veggies with the vinaigrette and serve on toasted specie or sourdough. 

That’s it! It’s truly an wondrous sandwich. 

It’s crunchy and satisfies that summer starving for fresh, fresh veggies. You can make the tofu meat superiority to use whenever you require a sandwich! The veggies with the vinaigrette are so good that I often make snack sandwiches with just the veggies!

tofu deli slices without baking

Why You’ll Love this Vegan Club Sandwich

  • tons of crunchy veggies and plant-based protein!
  • Perfect for lunches, siphon out or quick summer meals
  • flavorful tofu deli meat bakes quickly in the oven and can be made superiority and stored refrigerated superiority of time
  • nut-free recipe, and options for Soyfree and gluten-free
vegan club sandwich sliced in half, so you can see the fillings

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