This rich and linty Caramelized Onion Dal is the perfect repletion supplies for a unprepossessed day! It is bursting with savor from caramelized onions and whole spices which are tempered in oil! Serve with rice for a succulent Indian meal.

a trencher with caramelized onion dal served slantingly a side of rice and sprinkled with freshly chopped cilantro

Coming at you with a simple lentil dal that is bursting with flavor. This is flipside dal that I just made one night when I was starving a light dal and rice meal.

This caramelized onion dal is a linty suffusion of two types of lentils – red and yellow ones – which are cooked on the stove or using an Instant Pot and then simmered withal with fragrant seasoned oil – tadka (tempering).

a frying pan with caramelized onion dal sprinkled with chopped cilantro

The caramelized onions add a whole tuft of umami savor while the cumin and woebegone pepper mixture widow to the tempering provide some heat and a refreshing flavor!

To take this dish to the next level of deliciousness we serve this lentil dish drizzled with flipside round of tempering. This second mix of whole spices fried in oil until sizzling and whiffy gets folded through the linty dal just surpassing serving

Use whatever lentils you have on hand. I used a mix of yellow and red lentils. You can melt them on the stovetop or in the instant pot.

creamy lentil dal sprinkled with cilantro served next to rice on a plate

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