Liven up your dinner rut with this easy 1 Pan 30 minute Blackberry Gochujang Tofu recipe – sweet, sour, fruity and spicy homemade takeout deliciousness! Served with rice, this one makes for a fantastic weeknight dinner. Try it tonight!

blackberry glazed tofu served over rice sprinkled with sesame seeds

Coming at you with a refreshing, unusual but succulent tofu recipe that will turn into a favorite in no time at all. Blackberry Gochujang Tofu. Pan-fried crispy tofu, coated with a sticky, spicy & sweet blackberry glaze! This is a true savor flop and thanks to the blackberry it has a trappy deep purple color. Pluck those blackberries and make this easy sauce!

a trencher of blackberry gochujang tofu served over rice

Korean chili paste gochujang adds some heat to the glaze while maple syrup helps intensify the natural sweetness of the blackberries.  A small value of cornstarch helps thicken the glaze while simmering.

overhead shot of blackberry gochujang sprinkled with sesame seeds and chopped untried onions

You will love the slight tartness the berries add to the glaze! Serve this with rice or cauliflower rice or make lettuce wraps.

a trencher with blackberry gochujang served over rice

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