Sea (Or Ocean) Views Guaranteed

There's nothing like eating al fresco. But what if, while enjoying cuisine of the highest caliber, you could look out and see tropical fish swimming by? These breathtaking underwater restaurants take use of breathtaking aquatic settings worldwide to offer a dining experience unlike anything you've ever experienced. They blend exquisite dining with the exhilaration of being underwater.

Ristorante Olivo at Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE

You know you're in for something spectacular when a restaurant is located in a resort covered in marble and is occasionally referred to be the first seven-star hotel in history. Nestled around a massive aquarium brimming with exotic fish, Ristorante Olivo at Al Mahara is housed in Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel. The cuisine is sophisticated and exquisite, with a seafood emphasis, as one might anticipate. Although the cost of dining here is high, the experiences gained will last a lifetime.

Subsix, Niyama Resort, Maldives

Subsix, Niyama Resort, Maldives

Known for its 20-foot (6-meter) underwater depth, Subsix is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite underwater eateries, with an abstract chandelier installation modeled after ocean corals. Its location 1,650 feet (503 meters) out into the ocean off Niyama island and the fact that only a speedboat can get there add to the place's sense of isolation. Braised lamb shoulder with mottainai, carpaccio of Maldivian octopus, and scallop ravioli are among the dishes offering at the'subaquatic lunch' menu.

Submarino Restaurant, Oceanographic, Valencia, Spain

The Submarino Restaurant at Valencia's architecturally stunning Oceanogràfic aquarium creates the illusion of being inside a glass-walled submarine. It offers contemporary cuisine with a touch to classic Mediterranean cooking methods. The daily lunch and supper menus feature tempting-sounding dishes like Valencian paella, all at reasonable prices.

Nemo Restaurant and Lounge, Antalya, Turkey

This pub, lounge, and restaurant in Antalya, Turkey is a truly trendy place that successfully blends modern cuisine, gorgeous views of the aquarium, and opulent interior design. A floating (so to speak) stairway welcomes guests to Nemo and descends to the dining room with aquarium-paneled walls. With shiny marble flooring, creative lighting that highlights the schools of fish swimming past, and a DJ spinning background tunes, the atmosphere is very sophisticated.

Nemo was selected Turkey's finest hotel restaurant at the 2020 World Culinary Awards, and its menu offers contemporary European cuisine with Pan Asian elements. The food here is just as outstanding as the surroundings. This implies that in addition to a wide variety of creative sushi and sashimi, patrons can anticipate indulging in dishes like Korean braised ribs, French oysters, and Japanese Caesar salad.

Only Blu, Oblu Select Lobigili, Maldives

Only Blu, Oblu Select Lobigili, Maldives

Only Blu, the largest underwater restaurant in the Maldives, debuted in June 2022 and is quickly making waves as the most beautiful eating spot in the archipelago. Only Blu is a stunning restaurant that is situated about 22 feet (6.8 meters) below the surface. It features an amazing open kitchen and a creative horseshoe-shaped layout that guarantees every diner a window seat view of the glittering seas and vibrant coral reef. Canapés are served as a welcome to guests, kicking off an amazing evening.

Under, Baly, Lindesnes, Norway

The cuisine features locally sourced fish and seafood paired with exquisite sea herbs and seasonal vegetables, paying respect to the rich abundance of flavors to be found in the surrounding waters. It was created by head chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard, who has experience working at some of the best restaurants in Scandinavia. In 2020, it was awarded Under a Michelin Star, a distinction it has kept ever since. Ellitsgaard's philosophy is around sustainability; he frequently highlights items that fishermen would typically waste, such squat lobster or stone crab, in his dishes.

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SEA, Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, Maldives

At Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas' SEA, which is perched on the edge of a coral reef, floor to ceiling windows maximize the breathtaking ocean views. In addition to the exquisite food, you may anticipate seeing tropical fish, sharks, and turtles swim past while you eat. In addition to winning several honors, patrons describe the experience as stunning and mesmerizing.

Cargo Hold Restaurant, uShaka Marine World, Durban, South Africa

Cargo Hold Restaurant, uShaka Marine World, Durban, South Africa

While it may not be to everyone's taste, Cargo Hold Restaurant at uShaka Marine World in Durban is the best spot to attempt dining with sharks. It may not be underwater, as it is officially kept in an aquarium, but it does have the appearance of being submerged.

Koral Restaurant, The Apurva Kempinski Bali, Indonesia

Bali's Koral Restaurant, which won the Travelers' Choice award for 2021 as the world's most photogenic restaurant, provides a really amazing experience. It is located within an aquarium at The Apurva Kempinski resort, and it features enormous windows and a glass tunnel that look out upon colorful fish and other aquatic life. Teak ceilings, red clay brickwork, and elaborate monochrome floor tiles are just a few examples of the architectural details that pay homage to the Majapahit kingdom of southeast Asia's past.